What Happened To the Baseball All-Star Game?

Here is the 2011 MLB All-Star game roster .  The problem is that MLB.com can’t even keep up with how many players are being added to the roster on a nearly hourly basis, so this is not up to date.  I’ve always enjoyed the All-Star game itself.  But this is getting ridiculous.  With the fan vote for the final roster spot and players bowing out due to “injuries” and then being replaced it feels as though half the league will be given All-Star status this season.  It should be an honor to be an All-Star, but when you’re player number 42 added to the roster just how honorable is it?

Of course the game still decides home field for the winning league and if the game is tight late you’ll have second- or third-tier stars deciding something very important.  You’d think since the game is in Arizona, an NL park, they would play by NL rules.  But the DH will now be used in the All-Star game every year from here on out.

The watering down of rosters.  The AL rules in an NL park.  The “this one counts” aspect.  It’s one big mess.  And the solution is to just go back to calling this thing an exhibition without home field implications.  I’d still enjoy it.  Managers would be more relaxed.  I’d be less agitated about AL rules in an NL park.

And to think if that All-Star game in Milwaukee a few years back didn’t end in a tie, the game still would be an exhibition.  Thanks for the knee-jerk reaction, Bud Selig.  You’ve made the Mid-Summer Classic a Mid-Summer joke.


One thought on “What Happened To the Baseball All-Star Game?

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