Sports With Balls Show Midseason Baseball Awards

The All Star Game takes place tonight in Phoenix, which means the 1st half of the baseball season has come to a close

That also signifies it is time to hand out the Sports With Balls Show Midseason Baseball Awards, or the Ballsies, as I like to call them.

(All five members of the Sports With Balls Blog were balloted to select the winner of each award. Listed are the winners of the ballot, with the next leading vote-getters in descending order. An asterisk (*) denotes a unanimous selection.)

Best Team of the 1st Half

Philadelphia Phillies* – “The Phillies tied a franchise best 57 wins pre-break and hold the leagues best record. All this despite various offensive holes and a series of injuries to the pitching staff.” – Mike O

“They have the best record in baseball, three aces in the rotation and a lineup–when healthy, that is very scary.” – scottyb4

Close but no Cigar: Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees

Most Surprising 1st Half Team

Pittsburgh Pirates* – “A 105-loss team last year, the Buccos have already surpassed their 2010 win totals for road wins, series wins and wins by their starting pitchers during the first half of the 2011 season.” – wfucich

“”End of the Road” by Boyz II Men was the most popular song the last time the Pirates finished with a winning record. Enough said.” – sherms18

Almost as surprising: Cleveland Indians, Arizona Diamondbacks, Washington Nationals

Most Disappointing 1st Half Team

Colorado Rockies“They’ve had a few injuries, but who hasn’t? No reason they should be 8.5 back in the lousy NL West.” – sherms18

“A team many considered to be a power in the NL West started off hot, but have fizzled since. The Rockies have looked disinterested at times and aren’t scoring runs like many predicted they would.” – wfucich

Just a little less futile than the Rockies: Oakland Athletics, Cincinnati Reds

NL 1st Half MVP

Prince Fielder, Brewers“Fielder’s batting average may be below Kemp’s but Prince has more RBI and is tied with Kemp for 2nd in HRs. Plus his team is in contention for a division title.” – scottyb4

“The clean-up hitter in the Brewers lineup has been cleaning up the bases all year long. Fielder is tied for the NL lead in RBI, he produces and provides protection for Ryan Braun in the 1st place Brewers’ lineup.” -Mike O

On deck and in the hole…x2: Matt Kemp, Dodgers; Lance Berkman, Cardinals; Jose Reyes, Mets

NL 1st Half Cy Young

1.) Cole Hamels, Phillies and  Roy Halladay, Phillies (tie)“Hamels has put the 2009 demons behind him and really found himself in 2011. He has been fantastic throughout the first half with a line of: 11-4, 2.32 ERA, 0.93 WHIP, 121 K, 24 BB” – Mike O

“Halladay leads the NL in CG, K/BB, and BB, is tied for 2nd in WHIP and SO’s and is 2nd in OBP. Another ho-hum year for Halladay.” -warrencroxton

Third and fourth in the rotation: Jair Jurrgens, Braves, Tommy Hanson, Braves.

AL 1st Half MVP

Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox – “Gonzalez has carried the 1st place Red Sox offense at times and leads the AL in batting average and RBI.” – scottyb4

“Close call, but Gonzo takes it over Bautista and Konerko; incredible numbers all while moving to the hardest division in baseball.” -warrencroxton

On deck and in the hole: Jose Bautista, Blue Jays; Paul Konerko, White Sox

AL 1st Half Cy Young

Justin Verlander, Tigers“He’s had one no-hitter this year, but has had no-hit stuff a number of other times. A truly dominant season.” – sherms18

“Verlander and Weaver are heads and shoulders above the rest. Verlander has a slight advantage in most categories, the no-hitter puts him over the top.” – warrencroxton

Second and third in the rotation: Jered Weaver, Angels; CC Sabathia, Indians

Surprise Player of the First Half

Ryan Vogelsong, Giants – “Outpitched his better known World Champion teammates Lincecum, Cain and Sanchez through the first half. 2nd best ERA in the NL.” -wfucich

“For this guy to stick in a rotation is amazing enough. The fact that he’s an All-Star is miraculous.” – msherms18

Didn’t play in Japan, but almost as surprising: Jeff Karstens, Pirates; Asdrubal Cabrera, Indians


4 thoughts on “Sports With Balls Show Midseason Baseball Awards

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates – A team that lost 105 games in 2010, a franchise that hasn’t had a winning season since the year before the theatrical release of Jurassic Park finds themselves 4 games over .500 and only 1 game out of first place in the central.

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  3. no rookie of the year? Pineda is awesome

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