Did Sports With Balls Curse the Mets?

As I was reading Warren’s Mets-Phillies series preview right here on this blog it got me thinking about how the roots of the Sports With Balls Show heavily involved the two teams.  Before there was the Sports With Balls Show there was the Talkin’ Sports With Balls Midday Show.  Before that there was Talkin’ Sports With Mike O. and Scotty B.  And then there was the show that I hosted, simply called Sports With Balls.

When that particular show debuted on September 11, 2007 the Mets were dominating the NL East.  The night I began that show the Mets held a 6 game lead over the Phillies.  They increased that lead to 7 the next night.  From there, less than 48 hours after Sports With Balls hit in the Internet airwaves, the Mets began to crumble.  And they’ve never recovered.

I was all set to watch this scene in the Mets clubhouse in '07 when I began Sports With Balls that September

Those first couple shows I remember discussing the upcoming postseason and how the Mets were certainly going to be part of it.  “Pedro would start game one.  Would El Duque come out of the bullpen?  Should they rest some players down the stretch?”  But after the first couple of episodes the show turned into a more of a crisis center, and then later when the choke had officially happened it served more as a therapy session.

A year or so after my show got its start I merged with Mike and Scott to become The Talkin’ Sports With Balls Midday Show.  Although Mike is a diehard Phillies fan, he generally resisted giving me a hard time about what the Mets had become.  I did enough bashing of the team on my own anyway.

These days I am working a 9-5 job and cannot participate on air.  Along with missing the weekly discussion of sports with friends, I miss the chance to vent about my team — though I’d also probably also have the constant reminder of how great the Phillies are, since there are now two Philadelphia fans on the show.

But it’s a shame that I cannot be on air during a season when I’ve actually been proud to a Mets fan, something I haven’t been able to admit in a quite a while.  The ownership is another story, but the play on the field and the managing job done by Terry Collins have been inspiring.  Unfortunately, in 2009 and 2010, when I joined Mike and Scott every single week I rarely ever had anything good to say about the Mets.

No, I don’t really believe in curses.  But if I did, this one makes perfect sense.  I am a huge Mets fan, I was living in Philadelphia back in 2007, enjoying the fact that my team appeared to be running away from the Phillies in the NL East.  And then I had to go start a little radio show to talk all about it.  The night of that first show I did back in September of ’07 was pretty memorable.  No, not because I was any good or anything, but it was essentially the last night that the Mets were considered a great baseball team.


3 thoughts on “Did Sports With Balls Curse the Mets?

  1. Thank You for starting the show Matt.

  2. I will never listen as long as matt is not on hahaha . Good show guys

  3. Mets suck. Horrible organization

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