Tony LaRussa = Jackass

Title says it all.

Hey Tony, it’s a 9 inning baseball game. Is there a reason you feel the need to use 8 different pitchers?

Hopefully it’s not strategy because it really doesn’t work home slice.


Awful Video Game


Just because you have a video game named after you doesn’t mean your awesome, idiot.


Boxscore from 6/15/11 vs. Reds

Play by play from 6/15/11 vs. Reds


Tony LaRussa is a jackass.


Bumped my head


I like beer


Hopefully this isn't real


Animal Lover



Sit down, relax and call a cab Tony.  Go Pirates, Brewers & Reds!



7 thoughts on “Tony LaRussa = Jackass

  1. I had one of the Tony LaRussa baseball games for the PC. It was actually pretty decent…but I’m trying to remember if the computer automatically made six pitching changes per game or not.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Whats more to say? Hahahaha

  3. Short. Sweet. And to the point.

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  5. What a fucking jerkoff……dude over manages all the time.

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