All Hail the Power!

Dear Phillies fans,

Despite the doom & gloom presented by Warren in his last post.


Michael Martinez = Pure Power

Get your Martinez jersey's while you can!

In honor of Michael Martinez’s first career jack, let us take a look at some of the stars of the past that he has tied for 506th in franchise history with 1 career home run.  Good luck #19, if you keep this pace you will pass these guys in no time!

Player (career at bats in a Phillies uniform)

Juan Bell (212), Many probably forget that Bell was the everyday shortstop for the 1st half of ’93.

Michael Bourn (127), Provided speed but no power prior to being pawned off to Ed Wade.

Miguel Cairo (45), he sucked as a Phillie.

Domingo Cedeno (66), remember that great 1999 Phillies squad?

Lou Collier (36), Lou Collier was a Phillie?

Jeff Conine (100), Conine did a solid job for the Phillies but didn’t provide a ton of power.

Dennis Cook (78), back in his glorious starting days as a Phil.

Midre Cummings (208), Not a good baseball player.

Adam Eaton (90), Good job Adam. You got one back. Remember you gave up 167 in your career.

Chick Fullis (749), old-timer from the pre-steroid era.

Greg Gross (1547)  <——–this guy teaches you how to hit…….

Jeff Juden (27), Grand Slam!

Cliff Lee (74), He makes $20 + million per year.  But he gets paid to pitch.

Cory Lidle (112), Really nice guy.  RIP Cory.

Terry Mulholland (366), All time favorite of mine.  Career .096 average. Lucky shot.

Jose Offerman (33), Hit a bomb and was released within hours.

Mark Parent (226), Dude was brutal. Makes me want to give Brian Schneider a 2-year deal.

Chan Ho Park (14), Opposite field shot. Great job in the pen after a poor rotation showing.

Nick Punto (103), Feels like he was a Phillie 20 years ago.

Ben Sanders (405) Dude did it was back in 1889.

Chris Snelling (4), How do you unload a guy who hits a bomb in only 4 at bats.

Frank Torre (330), Joe’s brother.

John Vukovich (313), Great guy. Worse hitter then you Mini-Mart.

Also of note, 1208 players have worn a Phillies uniform and never had the thrill of hitting a home run. So congrats Michael you are no longer on that list!

Mike Pelfrey gave up a home run to Michael Martinez....


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