Who stole Terry Francona’s Jersey?

The Tampa Bay Rays & Boston Red Sox battled for 15 scoreless innings last night on Sunday Night baseball.  The Sox finally broke through in the 16th for the games only run.

While watching 16 innings of baseball its hard not to wonder who stole Terry Francona’s jersey?  The guy never wears one so who has it?

Francona with no jersey

Francona jersey-less again

I dislike jersey's!

Wow I'm cool, I don't wear my uniform.

I used to try to hide it by wearing a jacket in 90 degree heat.

So what gives Terry?  You are too cool to comply with MLB uniform rules?

Well I agree with Dale Scott put on your jersey on or get outta here!



3 thoughts on “Who stole Terry Francona’s Jersey?

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  2. Guess Terry missed the boat on putting on his Red Sox jersey……..

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