In A World of Mascots, Who Reigns Supreme?

As all of the members of Sports With Balls Show know I have a weird obsession with mascots. I know it is a bit strange for a 28-year old man to appreciate guys dressed in animal suits, but something about those furry bastards just makes me crack up.  Here is the Mascot Top 25 according to Scotty B:

25. Homer (Atlanta Braves)– A poor man’s Mr Met.

24. Swinging Friar (San Diego Padres) – Not to be sacrilegious but he does nothing for me.

23. T.C. Bear (Minnesota Twins) – He’s not beary interesting.

22. Lou Seal (San Francisco Giants) – Very fitting for the area but just kinda boring.

21. Junction Jack (Houston Astros) – I get the whole railroad theme but why is he so goofy looking.

20. Rangers Captain (Texas Rangers) – I don’t like a large horse’s chances in the Texas heat.

19. Screech (Washington Nationals) – A very fitting choice in the Nation’s capital.

18. Slugger (Kansas City Royals ) – If a Lion roars and no one is in the crowd does he actually roar?

17. Ace (Toronto Blue Jays) – Rumor has it he purchases his steroids from Brian McNamee.

16. Baxter (Arizona Diamondbacks) – Don’t Bobcats eat snakes, how does that work?

15. Paws (Detroit Tigers) – Baseball’s version of Tony the Tiger, He’s Greatttttttterrrrr than only 10 other mascots.

14. The Oriole (Baltimore Orioles) – This mascot is for the birds.

13. Fredbird (St Louis Cardinal) – A staple at Busch stadium.

12. Dinger (Colorado Rockies) – Discovery of Triceratops fossils under Coors Field inspired this Dinosaur at the ballpark.

11. Stomper (Oakland A’s) – Is anyone going to talk about the elephant in the infield?

10. Billy The Marlin (Florida Marlins) – Accompanied by his “Mermaids” because ladies love the size of his snout.

9. Mariner Moose (Seattle Mariners) – Considered the Evel Knievel of the mascot world, he almost ran over a player while four wheeling and broke his ankle water skiing.

8. Mr. Met (New York Mets) – More recognizable than most current Mets because of all the commercials he does.

7. Slider (Cleveland Indians) – His appearance brings back memories of Yoopi.

6. Southpaw (Chicago White Sox) – MLB’s version of Oscar the Grouch.

5. Raymond (Tampa Bay Rays) – What the hell is he?

4. Pirate Parrot (Pittsburgh Pirates) – I’d hate to see his cell phone bill.

3. Bernie Brewer (Milwaukee Brewers) – Best known for catapulting down his slide after Brewer’s home runs.

2. Wally (Boston Red Sox) – Nothing is more intimidating than a guy that lives in a wall.

1. Philly Phanatic (Philadelphia Phillies) – The king of baseball mascots, his on field antics always get a huge reaction from the home crowd.


5 thoughts on “In A World of Mascots, Who Reigns Supreme?

  1. Atleast you got number 1 correct

  2. Noboby beats the Phanatic

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  4. so many of those mascots are gay. red sox, rays and white sox are all horrible.

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