CFL Spotlight

While the NFL remains locked out, its counter part up north heads into week 4.

The Canadian Football League has received more attention from American football fans who are dying for on field action.

The NFL Network has been airing live CFL games in recent weeks.

Looking for more information on the CFL? CFL rules & history via wikipedia.

Cleo Lemon, former Miami Dolphin

Cleo Lemon, current Toronto Argonaut

The CFL provides an opportunity for fringe NFL prospects to continue to pursue a professional football career.

A shining example is Cleo Lemon.  He struggled to make rosters and find playing time over the course of 9 seasons in the NFL.

The Toronto Argonauts of the CFL have provided Lemon with a starting quarterback job in a competitive football league.

Cleo Lemon Bio

Cleo Lemon Collegiate/NFL/CFL Career Statistics

Cleo Lemon CFL Profile

So while we continue to wait for the NFL’s labor dispute to be resolved give the CFL a shot. You may just like what you see.

For complete coverage on the CFL such as previews, live scores, standings, statistics and more click here.


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