Seinfeld Sports Legacy

Created by Jerry Seinfeld & Larry David, “Seinfeld” is widely considered one of if not the greatest sitcom of all time.

Kramer, George, Elaine & Jerry

The Seinfeld cast provided 9 laugh-out-loud seasons, which included many references from the world of sports, specifically baseball.

The show featured many guest stars and recurring characters over the years, including many well-known names from the world of sports.

We take a look back at some of the great sports moments in Seinfeld history.

Some videos below must be watched directly on YouTube

Puddy wears Devils face paint


Magic Loogie Keith Hernandez/Roger McDowell


George gets hired by the Yankees


George teaches Derek Jeter & Bernie Williams the art of hitting


George talking to the Astros front office like a Major Leaguer


Frank pissed the Yankees traded Jay Buhner


Kramer asks Paul O’Neill for a favor


Mr. Costanza is not a fan of Hideki Irabu


Phil Rizzuto key chain


George attempts to get fired by Yankees


Kramer hit in head by a foul ball at Yankees/Orioles game


George wants to name his future child Seven


Joe DiMaggio goes to Dinky Donuts


Kramer goes to Yankees fantasy camp


George Steinbrenner as a recurring character


And the show continued with countless other references to the world of sports.

Some other great sports moments include: the crew playing softball, Jerry joining the tennis club, Kramer & George training with special shoes for basketball, Kramer becoming a tennis ball boy, George providing the Yankees with cotton uniforms, Kramer golfing on the beach, Jerry giving away Super Bowl tickets, and Kramer getting into a fight with Reggie Miller at a Knicks game.

Seinfeld was a great sitcom that holds a special place in American pop culture and for sports fans both in New York and across the country.


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