Sports with Balls’ MLB Power Rankings 3rd Edition

World Series Contenders

#1. Philadelphia Phillies (68-39) – Hunter Pence has brought an energized feel to the Phillies lineup. Watch out if this continues.

#2. Boston Red Sox (66-40) – Boston was the favorite to win it all going into the season.  They remain the favorite to win the American League.

#3. Texas Rangers (61-48) – Rangers are making their move. They jump from 6 to 3 in our power rankings from last week. Championship lineup and a vastly improved bullpen post deadline.

#4. San Francisco Giants (61-47) – Pitching, pitching and offense? Carlos Beltran has been a beast in his postseason career despite watching Adam Wainwright’s final pitch back in ’06.

#5. New York Yankees (64-42) – They certainly hit without an issue.  The question about the Yanks is whether the staff can hold up.

#6. Atlanta Braves (63-46) – They missed out on Carlos Beltran and Hunter Pence. With the 3rd best option acquired in Michael Bourn, they remain the 3rd dog in the National League.


#7. LA Angels (59-50) – They have a solid pitching staff. Offense struggles at times and no help is on the way.

#8. Detroit Tigers (57-51) – Justin Verlander twice in a best of five has to be cause for concern among the American League’s finest.

#9. Milwaukee Brewers (60-49) – The Brew Crew is making a charge. They are looking to break out in the NL Central.

#10. Arizona Diamondbacks (59-49) – Will Jason Marquis and Brad Ziegler be enough to win the west?

#11. St. Louis Cardinals (57-50) – They should hang tough in the division race but its going to be an up hill battle.

#12. Pittsburgh Pirates (54-52) – Jerry Meals’ mistake may end up being the turning point in the season. We will learn a lot about this squad in the next week following a 3 game sweep in Philly.

#13. Cleveland Indians (53-52) – Gotta love the aggressiveness out the Indians front office. If Ubaldo Jimenez gets it together they will get a big boost.

Still alive, sort of

#14. Tampa Bay Rays (56-51) – They didn’t buy. They didn’t sell. They are alive. Barely.

#15. Toronto Blue Jays (55-53) – Colby Rasmus could be a nice addition over the course of the next several seasons.

#16. Cincinnati Reds (53-55) – They have been a big disappointment. They need to turn it around if they want another tast of October baseball.

#17. New York Mets (55-53) – Despite trading K-Rod and Carlos Beltran, they would have a shot in either leagues’ central division.

#18. Chicago White Sox (52-54) – Must be awesome to play meaningful baseball heading into August at 2 games under .500.

#19. Florida Marlins (53-55)- They are looking to spring-board a solid 2nd half into a successful 2012 campaign in a new ballpark.

#20. Minnesota Twins (50-58) – Twins remain alive despite the fact that they just don’t have it this year.

Perhaps 2012 will go better

#21. Washington Nationals (51-56)At least Stephen Strasburg is progressing.

#22. Colorado Rockies (51-57) – Good bye Ubaldo. At least fans got a chance to see him pitch one last inning as a Rockie.

#23. San Diego Padres(47-62) – Heath Bell remains.

#24. Oakland Athletics (49-59)- At least Moneyball the movie is coming out on September 23rd.

#25-LA Dodgers (48-59)- Could you imagine this team without Matt Kemp?

#26. Kansas City Royals (46-62) – They are a good bad team. Meaning they have a positive future.

#27. Baltimore Orioles (42-63) – Another poor season out of those Baltimore Orioles.

#28. Seattle Mariners (45-62) – The 17 game losing streak finally ended. Unfortunately it did count.

#29. Chicago Cubs (42-65) – If they didn’t play at an iconic park they’d draw 10k a game to close out the year.

Ed Wade’s team

#30. Houston Astros (35-73) Bye Bye Hunter, Michael and future August guys. This team sucks.


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