Matt Stairs Phillies Legend Retires

After playing 19 seasons with 12 major league teams, 43-year old Matt Stairs has decided to retire from baseball.

Stairs crushed 265 career home runs over 19 big league seasons but none bigger then the moon shot he launched off of Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton on October 13th, 2008.

The homer propelled the Phillies to a victory in Game 4 of the NLCS and was a crushing blow to the Dodgers’ hope of getting back into the series.

Matt Stairs’ epic blast off of Broxton is his trademark moment as a big leaguer and as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Career Profile & Statistics

2008 NLCS Game 4 Box Score


One of the top moments in Phillies history


Deep into the night!


An Iconic Moment


Matt Stairs makes me like Canada



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