Who is the favorite to win the World Series?

Who will be crowned the 2011 world champions of baseball?

Only time will tell. We can look forward to our answer in late October.

But until the players take the field in the fall classic, it’s always fun to debate the favorite.

Before the season began, most “experts” had the Red Sox winning the  series after their off-season additions of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford.

Forty-five ESPN experts made their preseason baseball picks, 42 had the Red Sox playing in the fall classic with 33 claiming they would win it all.

According to Vegas, the Philadelphia Phillies were the slight favorites to bring home the championship while Boston and the New York Yankees followed closely behind.

Opening & Current Las Vegas World Series Odds

Play on the field to this point would indicate that the odds makers knew what they were doing when they installed the 2011 opening lines.

Philadelphia holds the best record in baseball, while Boston and New York (AL) are tied for 2nd.  All three teams have significant leads on everyone else.

2011 MLB Standings (8/5/11)

While the Phillies, Red Sox, and Yankees appear to be the most likely candidates to capture the world series title, history indicates that the best regular season teams rarely enjoy the most post season success.  Winning a world championship takes talent, timing and luck.  Many short series are decided on match ups and who is hot at the time.

Best record doesn't indicate championship

Only 3 times in the last 16 years has the team with the best regular season record in baseball gone on to win the world series.

The only thing we know at this point is that 8 teams will reach the 2011 MLB playoffs and only 1 will be crowned champions.

We are headed towards an exciting October of playoff baseball.


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