Sports with Balls MLB Power Rankings, August Edition.

World Series Contenders

#1. Philadelphia Phillies (74-40) – Have won 9 out of 10, continue to roll.

#2. Boston Red Sox (70-43) – Took two out of three from the Yankees, likely to be in a dog fight with the Yankees for the AL East.

#3. New York Yankees (69-44)-  Won eight in a row before losing the last two vs. the Red Sox

#4. Texas Rangers (64-51) – Feliz blew a save on Saturday, perhaps its time for a new closer?

#5. Atlanta Braves (66-49) – All of the sudden, they are 8.5 back of the Phillies.

#6. San Francisco Giants (63-52) – Can’t hit water if they fell out of a boat right now.  Have allowed the Diamondbacks back into the NL West race.


#7. Milwaukee Brewers (65-50)- starting to seperate themselves from the NL Central.  Have won 9 out of 10.

#8. LA Angels (63-52) – Weaver, Haren, Santana could be lethal in a ALDS matchup if they can catch the Rangers

#9. Arizona Diamondbacks (62-52)– Despite losing two of three to the lowly Dodgers, Diamondbacks are only a half game behind the Giants.

#10 Detroit Tigers (61-53) – Up four games on the Indians with a three game set coming up.

#11. St. Louis Cardinals (62-53)-  Albert is heating up, 8 for 18 with three home runs in a four game sweep of the Marlins.

#12. Cleveland Indians (56-56) – Made the trade for Ubaldo, last stand could be this week vs. the Tigers.

#13.  Chicago White Sox (55-58) – Only reason they make this list is because they play in the AL Central

Why do we have to be in the AL East?

#14. Tampa Bay Rays (59-54)- Would be a game back in the loss column in the AL Central.

#15. Toronto Blue Jays  (58-56) – Jose Bautista should probably win the AL MVP, too bad his team is 12.5 back in the AL East.

Under .500 Club

#16. Cincinnati Reds (55-59) – Treading water, haven’t gotten the pitching of last year.

#17. Pittsburgh Pirates (54-59) – To quote Tom Petty, Freeeeeeeeeeeeee Fallin

#18. New York Mets (56-57) – Jose Reyes is hurt again.

#19. Florida Marlins(55-59) – Logan Morrison recently gave away 400 tickets to his twitter followers.   Hope it’s not like this in their new stadium

#20. Washington Nationals  (55-59) – Stephen Strasburg has started to rehab.

We stink

#21.Colorado Rockies  (53-62) –  With Cargo injured and Ubaldo traded, seems the Rockies have folded up shop.

#22. Los Angeles Dodgers  (52-61) – Kershaw, Kemp, and Ethier have been the bright spots in otherwise a mediocre year.

#23. San Diego Padres (51-64)- Jesus Guzman has had a very underrated year offensively.

#24. Minnesota Twins (51-63) – Perhaps they should have sold at the deadline

#25. Oakland A’s (51-63)- Trevor Cahill having a sophomore slump, ERA is close to 4.

#26. Seattle Mariners (49-64)- King Felix took the complete game loss on Sunday. He struck out 12 and walked none.

#27. Kansas City Royals (49-65)-  Johnny Giavotella is having some start to his Major League career.

#28. Chicago Cubs (49-66)-  It’s the Billy Goat’s fault

#29. Baltimore Orioles (44-67)- Never stood a chance

Ed Wade’s Team

#30- Houston Astros (37-77)- I wonder if Ed’s bags are already packed. This team sucks.


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