Bo Knows

Bo Jackson was a sports icon in the late 1980’s. He was a two sport athlete that excelled to all-pro levels in both. Jackson became a pop culture icon through video games, commercials and even some television guest spots.

Although his respective baseball and football careers were shortened due to injury, Bo Jackson was one of the premier athletes of both his generation and of all time.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember just how good and popular an athlete Bo Jackson was.

Bo Jackson NFL Career Statistics

Bo Jackson College Football Statistics

Bo Jackson MLB Career Statistics

Bo Jackson - Raiders

Bo Jackson - Auburn

Bo Jackson - Royals

Bo Jackson - White Sox

Bo Jackson - Angels

Bo Jackson Baseball for Nintendo

Bo Jackson 2 games in 1 for Game Boy

Bo Jackson – MLB Impact

Bo Jackson – Football Impact

Bo Jackson – Commercial Super Star

Bo Jackson – Monday Night Football Event

Bo Jackson – Sesame Street guest appearance

Bo Jackson vs Dean Cain – Lois & Clark cameo

Bo Jackson destroys Patriots – on Tecmo Super Bowl for NES


5 thoughts on “Bo Knows

  1. That Tecmo Super Bowl is insane! I give the Patriots credit there. Even though they couldn’t tackle, they stuck with the play for the entire quarter.

  2. That clip was pretty awesome, a prelude to a top ten video game blog in a few weeks when Madden comes out.

  3. That Patriots couldn’t stop a nose bleed…..

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