Money Well Spent

As the NFL pre season kicks off tonight, I figured what better time to look at some of the players who will be in new uniforms this season. Here are the top ten players that will make a major impact this year.

10. Marion Barber – After having a poor season in Dallas last year, this is a low risk, high reward guy for the Bears. He can be a change of  pace back and a force on the goal line.

Marion Barber

9. Ronnie Brown – Had a sup bar season in Miami losing some carries to Ricky Williams. Adds a new dimension to Andy Reid’s offense as a bruising compliment to McCoy and is very skilled in running the wildcat.

Ronnie Brown

8. Steve Breaston – A solid second receiver to Dwayne Bowe, his speed threat is a great weapon for Matt Cassell. He’s  also a solid kick and punt returner.

Steve Breaston

7. Roy Williams – Labeled a bust in Dallas, Williams adds a new dimension to the Bears receiving corps. Has the ability to go up and get the fade and be a down field threat for Jay Cutler.

Roy Williams

6. Plaxico Burress – Being out of football for two seasons, he has a lot to prove to his critics. Losing Edwards, Burress will get plenty of looks and is a  big target in the red zone for Mark Sanchez.

Plaxico Burress

5. Chad Ochocinco – Very talented but disruptive in Cincinnati, he must play good soldier in New England. If he shuts up and runs his routes, Brady and him will be a great combination.

Chad Ochocinco

4. Braylon Edwards – Although very successful for the Jets, they decided to invest their money in Santonio Holmes. Edwards who was 2 picks after Alex Smith in 2005, now joins him as a major tool in a much improved offense in San Fran.

Braylon Edwards.

3. Matt Hasselbeck – Seeing the writing on the wall in Seattle, he takes his talents to the music city. The combination of experience and good health, lands the Titans a leader to their young offense.

Matt Hasselbeck

2. Sidney Rice – The Seahawks signed a guy who has amazing speed and good hands. Rice will be a play maker  if Tavaris Jackson can get him the ball.

Sidney Rice

1. Nnamdi Asomugha – Prized player of this free agent class, the Eagles swooped in and grabbed him. One of the best cover corner backs in football, he joins Asante Samuel in a talented secondary.  His skills will be tested with a quality corner on the either side this season.

Nnamdi Asomugha


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