Sports with Balls MLB Power Rankings, Mid-August Edition

World Series Favorites

#1. Philadelphia Phillies (78-41) – They were expected to be very good, but this good? Scary.

#2. Boston Red Sox (73-46) – Taking 2/3 from the Yanks was big. Dropping 2/3 from Seattle is head scratching.

#3. New York Yankees (72-46)-  Yanks are not getting the attention this season but they sure are performing.

#4. Milwaukee Brewers (70-51)- The Crew is on a roll. Could this be the year they make a deep postseason run?

#5. Texas Rangers (69-52) – They have all of the elements of a successful baseball team. Postseason experience could come in handy.

#6. Atlanta Braves (70-51) – They need Jurrjens and Hanson healthy for the playoff run.

Playoff Contenders

#7. LA Angels (65-56) – Rough week, but the staff they have assembled has been impressive and should keep them in it until the end.

#8. Arizona Diamondbacks (68-53)– The Diamondbacks will get a taste of big time baseball when they head to Philadelphia this week.

#9. San Francisco Giants (67-55) – Beltran hurt, lineup scuffling.  If they get it rolling they are capable of making a deep run.

#10 Detroit Tigers (64-56) – Should find away to hold off the Tribe, but it will go down to the wire.

#11. St. Louis Cardinals (64-56)-  Cards have played good baseball but the Brewers have been a tad better.

#12. Cleveland Indians (60-57) – Keeping the Central interesting at the very least.

#13.  Chicago White Sox (60-60) – They are not so good, but neither is the AL Central.

Why do we have to be in the AL East?

#14. Tampa Bay Rays (64-55)- Give the squad credit. They continue to fight an uphill battle.

#15. Toronto Blue Jays  (61-59) – If Toronto weren’t on the east coast they’d have a shot.

Looking Towards 2012

#16. Cincinnati Reds (59-62) – Perhaps its a case of needing to take one step back before taking two steps forward.

#17.Colorado Rockies  (56-66) –  They have the ability to play the role of spoiler in 2011.

#18. New York Mets (58-62) – Not trading Jose Reyes could end up being a colossal mistake.

#19. Pittsburgh Pirates (56-63) – The Buccos gave Pittsburgh hope in the first half but now they look forward to football in the Steel City.

#20. Washington Nationals  (57-62) – The franchise is building towards good times down the road.

#21. Los Angeles Dodgers  (55-64) – The franchise might be broke but at least they have Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp, and Andre Ethier.

#22. Florida Marlins(56-64) – Logan Morrison demoted. Things not going well in Miami right now.

#23. Minnesota Twins (52-67) – Rough year in Minnesota.

Maybe 2013

#24. Kansas City Royals (50-71)-  They are an example of a good bad team. They are not good but there is talent in KC.

#25. San Diego Padres (54-68)- They almost won the west in 2010. Not the same type of season this year.

#26. Oakland A’s (53-67)- Billy Beane is getting pumped for “Moneyball” the feature film.

#27. Chicago Cubs (53-68)-  The Billy Goat says maybe 2012 it will happen.

#28. Seattle Mariners (52-67)- What’s up with Ichiro?

#29. Baltimore Orioles (46-72)- Might take a year or two…..

Ed Wade’s Team

#30- Houston Astros (38-83)- On pace to lose 111. Yikes! Might be 3 or 4. This team sucks.


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