Sports With Balls MLB Power Rankings, Late August Edition

World Series Contenders

1. Philadelphia Phillies 83-46-only played .500 ball this week (2-2) but still looking good.

2. Boston Red Sox 82-51-looked poised to make a deep post season run.

3.Milwaukee Brewers 81-54-are almost impossible to beat home.  Watch out contenders.

4. NY Yankees 79-52-continue to roll along.  Yankees get all the breaks.

5. Atlanta Braves 79-54-bullpen is awesome, will Tommy Hanson be healthy again in 2011?

6. Texas Rangers 76-59-let the Halo’s back in the race but talent and experience is on their side.

7. Detroit Tigers 73-60- Justin Verlander is damn freaking good.

8. Arizona Diamondbacks 75-59-this team is getting better as the season rolls on.

9. LA Angels 72-61– if they find their way into the playoffs, watch out with Weaver, Haren, Santana.


10. Tampa Bay Rays 73-59-awesome season for the Rays, wish the people down in Tampa could see that.

11. San Francisco Giants 71-63-D-Backs have to be putting a scare into the defending champs.

12. Cleveland Indians 65-65-Nice to see Thome make a homecoming, a shame it will keep him without a championship.

13. Chicago White Sox 66-65- They are not the 13th best team in baseball.  But they are in the race.

Looking forward to 2012

14. Cincinnati Reds 67-66– look good lately. Perhaps its a little late.

15. St. Louis Cardinals 70-64-Tony LaRussa dreams about double switches.

16. Toronto Blue Jays 66-67-Jays have hit a rough patch but have made progress in 2011.

17. Colorado Rockies 64-70-Rockies getting ready for another September push?

18. Washington Nationals 62-70-Lifehouse is coming to Nationals Park!

19. Los Angeles Dodgers 62-70-Hall of fame announcer, MVP candidate, Cy Young push, bankruptcy, bad baseball team.

20. New York Mets 62-68 –Mets have had a solid season.  Still need more pieces to compete.

21. Pittsburgh Pirates 62-71-looks like another year of sub .500 baseball.

22. Oakland A’s 60-73-I think money ball is bullshit.

23.  San Diego Padres 60-74-Petco Park is nice. San Diego is a wonderful city. Chargers start soon.

24. Florida Marlins 59-72-only 1 more month as the Florida Marlins.

25. Minnesota Twins 56-77-despite the down year they’ve been one of the really good organizations for 10+ years,

26. Kansas City Royals 55-79-kids are playing rough.  Need to find some pitching to make a splash in 2012.

27.Chicago Cubs 57-77-continue to qualify as loveable losers.

28. Seattle Mariners 56-76-I hear Seattle has good coffee, a lot of rain, and a loud football stadium.

29. Baltimore Orioles 53-78-its been a tough week in Baltimore, all thought is off the field.

Round Rock Express

30. Houston Astros 44-90- LOL Ed Wade, though they have been playing a little better.


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