September 11th Tribute

I cannot believe that it has been 10 years since that horrible morning in 2001. After this traumatic event killed so many innocent people, heroic police, firefighters and EMTs, sports didn’t seem so important anymore.  Games were postponed until September 17th, when Major League Baseball returned to emotional scenes throughout the country. The NFL decided not to play a full week of action and the Super Bowl was moved to February. Normally hated due to success and over media exposure, people suddenly not only felt for New York teams but began to root for them.

Mets players showed their appreciation by wearing hats of New York's faithful.

Mike Piazza's home run brought some much needed joy to New Yorkers.

Joe Torre and Mayor Rudy Guilani share a moment.

Jack Buck’s emotional poem

Even bitter rivalries meant nothing after what our country just endured.

Jim Fassel and his Giants showed their support.

There were tons of these scenes around the NFL when they returned.

Chiefs players showed their American Pride

New England Patriot Joe Andruzzi's three brothers were all NY firefighters and helped in the 9/11 rescues.

Never forget what these brave men and women did

Salute these men

God Bless the USA


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