Pirates Clinch 19th consecutive losing season

With a 3-2 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals this afternoon the Pittsburgh Pirates clinched their 19th consecutive losing season.

The Pirates’ last winning season was all the way back in 1992 when they won 96 games in the regular season and came within one game of reaching the World Series.

"Sid Bream's Slide"

While the 2011 Pirates progressed as a team from a rough 105 loss in 2010, they ultimately could not keep up the mid-season momentum that led to trade deadline acquisitions.

A blown call by Jerry Meals in a marathon 19 inning game seemingly ended the Pirates quest at not only a winning season but also one in which they could compete for a playoff spot.

Brutal call

Notes about 1992:

The NL Central did not exist.

The Milwaukee Brewers were in the American League.

The Washington Nationals were still the Montreal Expos.

The Angels were referred to as the “California Angels”.

The Florida Marlins & Colorado Rockies had never played a game.

The Arizona Diamondbacks & Tampa Devil Rays were 6 years away from playing baseball.

The Phillies sucked, the Pirates were good.

Gary Varsho played for the Pirates.

Tim Wakefield and Miguel Bautista were rookies on the Pirates.

I was in second grade.

Warren Croxton was five years old.




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