Phillies sweep double header from Marlins, Warren busy…

Warren aka Mr. Phillies recap guy is busy going back to Grad School……so he didn’t have “time” to write-up a Phillies/Marlins recap for yesterdays double-header.

Didn’t want to leave the Sports With Balls fans hanging with no recap.

If you didn’t see the games……well thats ashame…….Kyle Kendrick was good in game 1, the weather sucked and Cliff Lee was awesome in game 2 with the exception of the pitch Jose Lopez crushed to tie the game…

Don’t believe me?  Check the box scores…..

Game 1 Box score

Game 2 Box score


– The weather sucked.

– Warren & I went to both games, it was lovely.

– We paid $3.50 per ticket to game 1.

– We paid $12 per ticket for game 2.

– We got free Hall of Fame Club up grade for game 2.

– Thank you to the kind gentleman who provided the excellent tickets!

– The bathrooms in the Hall of Fame Club are worth the price of admission.

– Warren had the worst cheese steak of his life during game 2.

– Press box hot dogs are delicious.

– Cliff Lee is awesome.

– Ross Gload is slow.

– Kyle Kendrick is 8-6 with 3.22 era this season and we act like he is Joe Roa.

– I didn’t see 1 single Marlins fan at the game.

– I’m cheap and walk far to avoid paying for parking.

– Hope you enjoyed, I’m out.


Warren wants my authentic jersey


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