Mike O’s favorite player wraps up a NL East Crown.

5 straight division titles is rather impressive.

Let’s try this post for a third time (multiple tech issues).

The Phillies won the NL East last night after defeating the St. Louis Cardinals 9-2. It’s their fifth consecutive NL East crown. Brief recap

Jimmy Rollins had four hits

Shane Victorino had a home run and three RBIs.

Raul Ibanez capped everything off with a grand slam.

The Phillies put up a six spot in the eight inning

Roy Oswalt was wonderful. Seven shut out innings with seven strike outs.

Jake Westbrook, the Cardinals starter, didn’t make it out of the 2nd inning.

Tony LaRussa is still a jackass.


Say what you want about Jimmy Rollins, the man loves the drama. Four hits in a clinching game.

Roy Oswalt can’t be pulling this yo yo act in the playoffs.

Congrats to Hunter Pence on his first playoff appearance.

The Phillies don’t have a setup man with Bastardo’s recent struggles

Only a third of the way to the Braves’ 14 straight division titles.

Take a minute to reflect on the 5 straight division titles. Remember 2003-2006 when you thought the Phillies would never make the playoffs?


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