MLB Power Rankings, Late September Edition

The second to last Power Rankings of the regular season….

World Series Contenders:

1. Philadelphia Phillies 98-53- Despite their lull, they still have the best record in baseball.

2. New York Yankees 91-60- have seperated themselves from the Red Sox.

3. Milwaukee Brewers 90-63- Have kept the Cardinals at bay.

4. Detroit Tigers 89-64- On fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, first team to clinch a division

5. Arizona Diamondbacks 88-65- Would take a great collapse to not make the postseason.

6.Texas Rangers 88-65- Have kept the Angels at bay.

7. Atlanta Braves 87-66-Have the Cardinals breathing down their necks.

8. Boston Red Sox-87-65- They are going to blow it.

Playoffs Contenders

9. TB Rays 85-67- They are going to catch Boston.

10. St. Louis Cardinals 83-69- Making a late push, not sure it’s going to be enough.

11. San Francisco Giants 83-70- Where was this offense a month ago?

12. Los Angeles Angels 83-69- Need to be perfect to have a chance.

Perhaps next year?

13. Los Angeles Dodgers 76-76- Have been one of the best teams in baseball the past three weeks.

14. Cleveland Indians 75-75- A great season any way you look at it.

15. Toronto Blue Jays 77-75- A better ballclub than the Dodgers and Indians, but will always be in the background behind Boston and New York.

Medicore Baseball Teams

16. Cincinnati Reds 74-79- Way too talented to be this average.

17. Chicago White Sox 74-78- Wasted years out of Dunn, Rios and a terrible bullpen cost this team dearly.

18. Washington Nationals 72-79- The building blocks are getting there.

19. Colorado Rockies 70-82- With pieces like Cargo and Tulo, they have to better next year right?

20. New York Mets 73-80- Is Reyes really worth the huge contract he’s going to get from someone?

Just Awful Baseball Teams

21.  Kansas City Royals 67-87- 9 prospects in Baseball America’s top 100 prospects.

22. Florida Marlins 69-84- It’s been a lost season since May.

23. Pittsburgh Pirates 68-85- The Jerry Meals game seem to start the down fall.

24. Chicago Cubs  67-86- Will they make a play for Pujols in the off-season?

25.  San Diego Padres 65-88- Need to find some offense in the off-season, but what free agent will go to that big ballpark?

26. Oakland A’s 69-84- Starting to hear whispers of Billy Beane possibly taking his talents to Chicago.

27. Baltimore Orioles 62-89- Have been thorns in the side of the Rays and Yankees recently. Boston is next.

28. Seattle Mariners 63-89- Will be the first season in Ichiro’s Hall of Fame career where he doesn’t reach 200 hits.

29. Minnesota Twins 59-82- Need to figure out where it went wrong.

Ed Wade’s Gem

30. Houston Astros 52-100- At least Ed got revenge when the Astros took two of three from the Phillies.


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