Mo gets #602

The Sandman has done it.  As the Yankees defeated the Minnesota Twins 6-4 today, Mariano Rivera picked up  career save #602 to pass Trevor Hoffman and become the all time leader in saves.  Mo did it in his typical style as he struck out Twin Chris Parmelee on a backdoor cutter to end the game.  There has been no decline in the 41-year-old Rivera, who has a 1.98 ERA this season.  Mo has a career 2.22 ERA and has a solidified his spot as the greatest closer of all time.  Perhaps the most impressive stats for Mo are his postseason numbers. His ERA in 70 postseason games is .62. His ERA in 24 World Series games is .99. Just incredible numbers for a man who has been so humble.  Whether you hate the Yankees or not, you can’t help but applaud the great career of Mariano Rivera.

First ballot Hall of Famer


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