My thoughts on the NFL Week 2.

Giants 28, Rams 16-

-Nice rebound for the Giants as they were embarrassed the previous week by Washington.

-While the Rams are 0-2, they are far from out of it in the NFC West.

Falcons 35, Eagles 31-

-Eagles’ linebackers still leave much to be desired.

-Harping on my first point… 10 of  Matt Ryan’s 17 completions were to running backs and tight ends.

Bills 38, Raiders 35-

-Who would have thought this game would be one of the most entertaining games of the weekend?

-We’ll see what the Bills are made of when they play New England next week.

Lions 48, Chiefs 3

-Lose Jamal Charles and then lose by 45, not a good weekend for the Chiefs in Detroit.

-Considering the Chiefs have lost their two best players for the year, perhaps it’s a little early to start the firing rumors on Todd Haley.

Titans 26, Ravens 13

-Joe Flacco and company laid an egg against a mediocre football team.

-Thank you Kenny Britt for carrying my fantasy teams the first two weeks.

Browns 27, Colts 19

-Perhaps Kerry Collins should have stayed retired.

-Nice rebound win for the Browns after the disappointing opening week loss to the Bengals, but this still wasn’t pretty.

Bucs 24, Vikings 20

-What a comeback by the Bucs, down 17 and coming back to win on the road.

-Shocking that Bucs’ offense picks up when they give LeGarrett Blount more than five carries.

Saints 30, Bears 13

-Jay Cutler will get decapitated if this offensive line doesn’t improve.

-Huge improvement for the Saints’ defense after their last two showings.

Jets 32, Jaguars 3

-Just start Blaine Gabbert already.

-After a suspect outing against Tony Romo and the Cowboys, the Jets feasted off of a terrible Luke McCown.

Steelers 24, Seahawks 0

-Stunning that the Seahawks didn’t score.

-The Seahawks leading rusher had 12 yards. LOL

Redskins 22, Cardinals 21

-I guess Rex Grossman was right.

-It looks like the Redskins are finally getting production out of Fred Davis.

Cowboys 27, 49ers 24 OT

-Tony Romo came up big in a clutch spot? Say ain’t so.

-Embarrassing showing by 49ers fans, tons of Cowboys fans at the game.

Packers 30, Panthers 23

-Super Bowl champions prove why they are so good in the comeback win.

-Wow Cam Newton

Broncos 24, Bengals 22

-Broncos fans got their wish. Tim Tebow appeared in the game….at wide receiver. How do you only dress three receivers?

-Perhaps the future isn’t so bleak with Andy Dalton for the Bengals.

Texans 23, Dolphins 13

-The Dolphins stink.

-I wonder the last time the Texans had a two game lead over the Colts?

Patriots 35, Chargers 21

-Yeah, the Patriots are the best team in the AFC.

-974 yards of total offense, wowzers.


Notes around the league:

Is anyone else bothered by all the points being scored? The two highest scoring first two weeks in NFL history.  I get the rules are dictated to help the offense, but come on, this is ridiculous. I hope the defenses catch up soon.


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