NFL Power Rankings, Week 2 Edition

1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 2-0– Slept walked through the first half in Carolina but found away to pull it out in the 2nd half.

2. (2) New England Patriots 2-0– The offense along could carry this team to 12 wins, will the defense be able to hold up?

3. (8) Detroit Lions 2-0– Pending health they look like a playoff team.  The offense has been outstanding.

4. (11) New York Jets 2-0– They did what they were expected to do.  They kicked a bad teams ass.

5. (7) Houston Texans 2-0– This is the year that Houston must break through and reach the playoffs or heads will roll.

6. (14)  Buffalo Bills 2-0– Big test coming up for Buffalo in facing the Patriots. New England has won 19 of the last 20 match ups.

7. (15) Washington Redskins 2-0– So perhaps Rex wasn’t so nuts?

8. (3) Baltimore Ravens 1-1– Blast the Steelers and follow it up with a poor performance in Tennessee.  Weak.

9. (6) Philadelphia Eagles 1-1– Explosive offense.  Defense needs to get it together. How many games will Vick miss?

10 (4) San Diego Chargers 1-1– The offense is scary good. The coach is scary bad.

11. (10) New Orleans Saints 1-1– Got the season going in the right direction by beating up the Bears.

12. (9) Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1– Beat up the Seahawks.  We’ll see how they fare in their next game against a big time team.

13. (12) Atlanta Falcons 1-1– Matt Ryan won a big game.  Avoiding the potential 0-2 start was big.

14. (5) Chicago Bears 1-1– Looked great in week 1, not so great in week 2.

15. (13) Dallas Cowboys 1-1– Tony Romo showed some guts as the Cowboy took out the 49ers in San Francisco.

16. (18) Arizona Cardinals 1-1– They look like they will be a fun team to watch in 2011.  Offense will score points.

17. (16) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-1– Big road win for the Bucs.  Important home game next week against Atlanta.

18. (19)  San Francisco 49ers 1-1– Tough overtime loss at home.  Will be in contention for a divisional title till then end.

19. (27) Tennesse Titans 1-1– Matt Hasselbeck took out some anger on the haters.

20. (21) New York Giants 1-1– Injuries have them down but a big win on Monday night keeps them from being out.

21. (23) Cleveland Browns 1-1– The Browns appear to be a year or two away but they will keep their fans entertained in 2011.

22. (24) Oakland Raiders 1-1– Oh so close to pulling out a win in Buffalo.

23. (17) Cincinnati Bengals 1-1– Andy Dalton with a  300+ yard performance is an encouraging sign.

24. (30) Denver Broncos 1-1– Despite the victory its going to be a long season in Denver.

25. (25) Jacksonville Jaguars 1-1– Luke McCown.

26. (20) Carolina Panthers 0-2– Well the Panthers won’t be making a playoff run this year but Cam Newton looks like he will be fun to watch.

27. (26) Miami Dolphins 0-2– Two games behind three different teams in the AFC East.

28. (28) Minnesota Vikings 0-2– McNabb is done. Just start Christian Ponder already.

29. (22) St. Louis Rams 0-2– Rough start for St. Louis.  Lucky for them they play in the NFL West so they are alive and well.

30. (29) Seattle Seahawks 0-2– They are awful.  It’s not even about the numbers, watch them play.

31. (32) Indianapolis Colts 0-2– Without Peyton Manning this looks like a 3-5 win team at best.

32. (31) Kansas City Chiefs 0-2– Eric Berry done for 2011.  Jamaal Charlies done for 2011.  Chiefs done for 2011.



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