NFL Picks – Week #3

It’s time for the “Sports with Balls” weekly NFL picks for year number three! This will be the our first in which our picks made available exclusively via the blog.

Every week we’ll be picking one 1 p.m. and one 4 p.m. Sunday game, as well as any prime time or holiday games on the schedule.

Standings:  Current record (previous week)

Brandon Apter 7-1-2 (2-1-1)

Mike Orzechowski 7-2-1 (1-2-1)

Bill Fucich 6-3-1 (3-0-1)

Warren Croxton 6-4-0 (3-1-0)

Scott Boutcher 5-5-0 (2-2-0)

Matt Sherman 4-4-2 (2-1-1)

Week 3 is here and ready to go.

Matt Sherman
New Orleans -4 vs. Houston
Oakland +3.5 vs. NY Jets
Pittsburgh -10.5 @ Indianapolis
Washington +5.5 @ Dallas

Like Matt’s picks? Follow him on twitter here.

Mike Orzechowski
Detroit -3.5 @ Minnesota
San Diego -14.5 vs. Kansas City
Pittsburgh -10.5 @ Indianapolis
Washington +5.5 @ Dallas

Think Mike knows what he is talking about? Check out his twitter.

Scott Boutcher
Carolina -3.5 vs. Jacksonville
Atlanta +1.5 @ Tampa Bay
Pittsburgh -10.5 @ Indianapolis
Dallas -5.5 vs. Washington

Scott seems smart? Tweet him to let him know.

Bill Fucich
Detroit -3.5 @ Minnesota
Oakland +3.5 vs. NY Jets
Pittsburgh -10.5 @ Indianapolis
Dallas 5.5 vs. Washington

Bill is from western PA…. See what he saying in twitter world.

Warren Croxton
Carolina -3.5 vs. Jacksonville
Baltimore -3.5 @ St. Louis
Indianapolis +10.5 vs. Pittsburgh
Washington +5.5 @ Dallas

Warren loves the Eagles, Do you? Take a look inside Warren’s world via twitter.

Brandon Apter
No Picks

Not a big Vegas lines guy? Brandon isn’t either, see what he has to say on twitter.

Check back next week for updated standings and Week 4 picks.


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