Thoughts on NFL Week 3

Bills 34, Patriots 31

– I bet if the Patriots knew they would have almost 500 yards of offense and Brady would throw four touchdowns, they’d probably thought they won big.

-Buffalo is likely still partying. Perhaps this year, they aren’t quite counting down the days until Sabres start.

49ers 13, Bengals 8

-Could not imagine what watching this game felt like.

-114 of Alex Smith’s 201 passing yards went to Vernon Davis. It took Smith long enough to figure that out.

Browns 17, Dolphins 16

-I guess the Reggie Bush as a main back experiment is over?

-Colt McCoy channeling his Brett Favre impersonation on his final drive comeback.

Titans 17,  Broncos 14

-Willis McGahee had more rushing yards than Chris Johnson. Let that sink in for a second.

-I’m curious to see how the loss of Kenny Britt will affect Matt Hasselbeck. It seemed like Britt rejuvenated Hasselbeck’s career for a short time.

Lions 26, Vikings 23 OT

-Tough start for Leslie Frazier’s team. If this keeps up, we could see Ponder as the starter soon.

-How much fun is the Detroit sports scene right now with the Tigers and Lions?

Saints 40, Texans 33

-Drew Brees and Matt Schaub are phenomenal. That we know.

-These defenses will prevent both of these teams from going deep in the playoffs.

Giants 29, Eagles 16

-One of Andy’s worst coached games of his career.

-As an Eagles fan, I’m not ready to jump off the bridge yet. This team is too talented not to turn it around.

Panthers 16, Jaguars 10

-Whether unfair or not, Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert will be tied at the hip forever.  Cam 1, Blaine 0.

-I would have loved to play in that monsoon of a rain storm.

Raiders 34, Jets 24

-With that running game, the Raiders can compete with anyone.

-If Mark Sanchez throws more than 30 times, I don’t like the Jets’ chances.

Ravens 37, Rams 7

-Joe Flacco is still mad I ripped him on the Sports with Balls NFL preview show.

-Sadly the Rams aren’t done yet. They don’t start division play until week 7.

Chargers 20, Chiefs 17

-Outgained the Chiefs by over 120 yards, had the ball for 9 more mins, but needed a late pick to win? Yeah, that’s ugly alright.

-Todd Haley could possibly be fired, but his hands were tied when Eric Berry and Jamal Charles went down.

Packers 27, Bears 17

-Bears leading rusher…Jay Cutler for 11 yards. Brutal

-Packers are the class of the NFC by far.

Seahawks 13, 49ers 10

-I feel bad for anyone who got stuck watching this game.

-How do you not get Larry Fitzgerald the ball one time in the second half?

Bucs 16, Falcons 13.

– If you hold Michael Turner to 20 yards on 11 carries, that’s impressive

-One could make the case the Falcons would be 0-3 if Mike Vick doesn’t get hurt last Sunday night.

Steelers 23, Colts 20

-Colts fans are already counting down the days until the NFL Draft

-I was wrong, these Colts are really bad without Peyton.

Cowboys 18, Redskins 16

-I guess the Eagles aren’t the only ones that are struggling to score touchdowns in the red zone.

-Must have really sucked for Romo to deal with all those bad receivers, especially those Dez Bryant and Jason Witten guys.


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