MLB Power Rankings, Regular Season Edition



Heading to October

1. Philadelphia Phillies 102-60- Held the best record in baseball throughout the regular season while breaking a franchise record for wins in a single season.

2. New York Yankees 97-65- Had a wonderful regular season despite not making a major offseason move.  Season highlights included Jeter with number 3,000 and Rivera breaking the saves record with #602.

3.Milwaukee Brewers 96-66-Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder led the explosive offense while the rotation got it together as the season went along.

4. Texas Rangers 96-66-The defending American League champs loaded up the bullpen prior to the trade deadline to go along with one of baseballs premier lineups.

5. Detriot Tigers 95-67-The Tigers go into the postseason with two of the American Leagues best in Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera.

6. Arizona Diamondbacks 94-68- They are entering the playoffs without receiving much attention but Justin Upton and Ian Kennedy really developed into stars this year.

7. Tampa Bay Rays 91-71– Behind 9+ games to start September, down 7-0 in the 8th inning in-game 162…..the franchise continues to excel.

8. St. Louis Cardinals 90-72- The Cardinals look to do some damage in the post season after fantastic playing during the month of September

Planning for 2012

9.Boston Red Sox 90-72-Epic collapse completed in dramatic fashion.  Expect some turnover going into 2012.

10. Atlanta Braves 89-73-The collapse was brutal but attention has found the Red Sox more so than Atlanta who really fell apart in September after leading the wild card by 10 games in late August.

11. LA Angels 86-76Pitching staff was fantastic during the course of 2011.  Some offensive weapons could help in 2012.

12. San Francisco Giants 86-76-The Giants could find the same type of magic the had in 2010 but overall they had a positive season.

13. Los Angeles Dodgers 82-79- Everything seemed to go wrong in LA during 2011 on and off the field.  But the Dodgers finished strong and have a legitimate shot at netting an MVP & CY Young award winner.

14. Toronto Blue Jays  81-81- Finishing with a .500 record was a positive step for the organization.  They face stiff competition in the AL East but are moving in the right direction.

15. Washington Nationals 80-81– Stephen Strasburg dazzled in September along with the Nats other youth.  2012 will be better while 2013 could be great.

16. Cleveland Indians 80-82-A solid summer of baseball in Cleveland.  They didn’t continue the momentum of April but they certainly had a positive season.  September brought back memories from Jim Thome stay #1.

17. Cincinnati Reds 79-83-The Reds will be back in the mix in 2012 with a few adjustments to the pitching staff.

18. Chicago White Sox 79-83-The Ozzie Guillen era is over, unfortunately the Adam Dunn era will continue for four more seasons.  Despite a rough 2011, the division should be up for grabs next season.

19. New York Mets 77-85-Jose Reyes won himself a batting title….will he win himself a new contract with the Mets or does he move on to the highest bidder?

20.  Oakland Athletics 74-88- The Athletics had a disappointing 2011 based on spring expectations.  Health along with some offensive pieces will be the key to a successful 2012.

21. Colorado Rockies 73-89-A healthy Troy Tulowitzki & Carlos Gonzalez is needed next season along with pitching! pitching! pitching!

22. Florida Marlins 72-90- They have acquired Ozzie Guillen, new ballpark, a brutal new logo and possibly some big time free agents?

23. Pittsburgh Pirates 72-90-The first half brought excitement to the city of Pittsburgh, the second half turned attention towards the Steelers.

24. Kansas City Royals 71-91-The Royals need to continue to develop young talent and they will be fine real soon.

25. Baltimore Orioles 69-93-The month of September had to feel good for the O’s.  They really showed up against contenders and play a major spoiler.

26. Chicago Cubs 71-91-  The Cubs and their fans continue to wait for next year. 

27. San Diego Padres 71-91– The Padres look to continue to rebuild.  2012 will be another step.

28. Seattle Mariners 67-95 –Rough season in Seattle.  The offseason question will be what happens with Ichiro and Felix Hernandez.

29. Minnesota Twins 63-99 –Not one single thing went right in Minnesota this season.  Even if they don’t make any moves this team could improve by 20 games.

Round Rock Express

30. Houston Astros 56-106-Houston is in full-blown rebuilding mode.  Should struggle with youth in 2012 but they will continue to improve.



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  1. Final Power Rankings will be posted following the playoffs conclusion

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