SwBS MLB Division Series Predictions

Mike O

Cardinals vs. Phillies – Plenty of star power and postseason heroes are involved in this battle.  The Cardinals are on fire heading into the fall tournament but its tough to pick against a club that comes at you with Halladay, Lee and Hamels. Phillies in 4

Diamondbacks vs. Brewers – The Brew Crew appears primed for greatness.  They have a big three of their own in the rotation as well as a light out back-end of the bullpen.  The lineup includes two MVP candidates in Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder.  But don’t sleep on the Diamondbacks they have a solid staff of their own and a powerful lineup that is being overlooked by many heading into the postseason.  Brewers in 5


Cardinals vs. Phillies – The Phillies have the best pitching staff in baseball with Halladay, Lee and Hamels, but you always have to worry about teams that are hot going into the playoffs. Phillies in 4

Diamondbacks vs. Brewers – Arizona is playing with house money, but the combination of a lethal lineup, solid rotation and bullpen make the Brew Crew very scary. Brewers in 4


Cardinals vs. Phillies Phillies in 4

Diamondbacks vs. Brewers – Brewers in 3


Cardinals vs. Phillies Phillies in 4

Diamondbacks vs. Brewers – Brewers in 4


Cardinals vs. Phillies – St. Louis won the season series 6-3, hanging a loss on each of the Phillies “Aces” along the way.  The Red Birds enter the postseason as the hottest team in the NL and will pull the mini upset in the NLDS.  Cardinals in 4

Diamondbacks vs. Brewers – With all the young star power, this series could end up as the most entertaining match up of the NLDS– even if TV ratings tell you different.  The Brew Crew are more seasoned and have a greater sense of urgency, that proves the difference.  Brewers in 4

Mike O

Tigers vs. Yankees – It may all come down to Justin Verlander vs. CC Sabathia.  The winner of game 1 will have a step up as games 2 & 3 will feature unproven starters who will go up against monster lineups.   Should be a higher scoring series then some may anticipate. Tigers in 4

Rays vs. Rangers – Never count out the Rays, we saw that in September, we saw it with 1 strike to go bottom 9 in-game 162.  As much as my heart is saying Rays, my mind is saying Rangers.  The Rangers host an explosive lineup, under-rated rotation and a stellar bullpen. Rangers in 4


Tigers vs. Yankees – With two teams who have explosive offenses and average rotations after their aces, the bullpens will be key and you gotta like the Yanks in that one.  Yankees in 5

Rays vs. Rangers – The Rays are floating on air and looking for revenge, but Texas is too good to fall into the trap. Rangers in 5


Tigers vs. Yankees – Yankees in 5

Rays vs. Rangers Rangers in 3


Tigers vs. Yankees – Tigers in 5

Rays vs. Rangers Rangers in 4


Tigers vs. Yankees – All eyes on Game 1 as Verlander takes on Sabathia.  Verlander wins two games in the series and carries the Tigers to the ALCS (much as he did for a good portion of the regular season). Tigers in 4

Rays vs. Rangers – Series matchups seem to slant in Texas’ favor with their explosive lineup and shutdown bullpen.  The Rays magical ride ends in Arlington…..but not without a fight. Rangers in 5

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  3. Tigers take a hit with the whole rain situation

  4. Cardinals vs. Rangers in World Series……..book it bitches

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