NFL Power Rankings, Week 4 Edition

1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 4-0– The offense is out of this world.  Aaron Rodgers has been the best at his position in 2011.

2. (2) Detroit Lions 4-0– Things are looking good in Detroit.  If they remain healthy they’ll improve as the season goes on.

3. (5) Baltimore Ravens 3-1– If this offense can keep pace the Ravens could find themselves making a deep playoff run.

4. (6) New Orleans Saints 3-1– They aren’t getting the attention they did a few season ago but they are just as dangerous.

5. (7) Houston Texans 3-1– With an improves defense and running game the Texans could finally be for real.

6. (4) New England Patriots 3-1– As well as the offense has played the defense continues to struggle.

7. (16) Tennesse Titans 3-1– Matt Hasselbeck looks revived and the defense is playing very well to open up 2011.

8. (9) San Diego Chargers 3-1– The Chargers shouldn’t have many issues winning the weak AFC West.

9. (13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-1– They don’t always look pretty, but more often than not they get the job done.

10. (3)  Buffalo Bills 3-1– Let down loss in Cincinnati…how will they handle a desperate Eagles team at home?

11. (14) New York Giants 3-1– Injuries riddled and yet they find a way to finish the first quarter 3-1.  Impressive.

12. (22)  San Francisco 49ers 3-1– Big road win in Philadelphia.  Can Alex Smith lead this squad to a playoff appearance?

13. (15) Washington Redskins 3-1– Redskins continue to win.  With the recent struggles of Dallas and Philadelphia they will continue to stay competitive.

14. (18) Atlanta Falcons 2-2– Disappointing start for the Falcons at 2-2. They didn’t play great in a Seattle victory.

15. (20) Chicago Bears 2-2– Matt Forte is having a sensational season but will Jay Cutler survive the year?

16. (11) New York Jets 2-2– Two consecutive tough losses. We should learn a lot as they head into Foxboro this week.

17. (7) Pittsburgh Steelers 2-2– Concern has to be growing in Pittsburgh.  They haven’t played well to start the 2011 campaign.

18. (12) Dallas Cowboys 2-2– Tony Romo has had a few meltdowns this year and yes Calvin Johnson would be their number one.

19. (10) Oakland Raiders 2-2– Raiders need to become more disciplined to keep it close with San Diego. Good luck.

20. (17) Cleveland Browns 2-2– The Browns are okay.  They’ll complete throughout the season but the playoffs are not a likely end point.

21. (25) Cincinnati Bengals 2-2– The Bengals have played well.  They have already met most critics expectations of the year.

22. (19) Philadelphia Eagles 1-3– Dream team of 2011.  Unfortunately for Birds fans its been a nightmare.

23. (24) Arizona Cardinals 1-3– Its been a frustrating beginning to the season.  Missed opportunities.

24. (21) Carolina Panthers 1-3– Cam Newton and Steve Smith have been fantastic surprises.

25. (27) Denver Broncos 1-3– Probably should have taken value for Kyle Orton while he had any.

26. (26) Jacksonville Jaguars 1-3– Maurice Jones-Drew is a great player and that is about it.

27. (32) Kansas City Chiefs 1-3– Chiefs pulled out a big victory against another bad team.

28. (23) Seattle Seahawks 1-3– They are awful.  But home field advantage may very well win them 4-5 games.

29. (31) St. Louis Rams 0-4– They have been the worst team in football to date. They being said they aren’t the worst on paper.

30. (30) Indianapolis Colts 0-4– The last few weeks they have hung in games until the end. They are looking a little better but Curtis Painter doesn’t look good.

31. (29) Miami Dolphins 0-4– It will be a shocker if they don’t finish last in the AFC East.  The bigger question is whether the coaching staff finishes out 2011.

32. (28) Minnesota Vikings 0-4– Donovan McNabb is done. Just start Christian Ponder already.


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