NFL Power Rankings

1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 5-0– Very nice road win in Atlanta.  Still the best team in football by a lot.

2. (2) Detroit Lions 5-0– Who would have thought this week’s matchup vs. the Niners be so big?

3. (3) Baltimore Ravens 3-1– Big test at home this week with the Houston Texans, but catch a break with no Andre Johnson.

4. (6) New England Patriots 4-1– Tied with the Bills for 1st place. Win over the Jets gives them basically a three game lead over them.

5. (4) New Orleans Saints 4-1-Not a believer in this defense.

6. (9) San Diego Chargers 4-1- It finally looks the Chargers avoided the early season troubles that have plagued them in prior seasons.

7. (12)  San Francisco 49ers 4-1Blew out the Bucs, looks like the players are buying into Harbaugh’s system.

8. (10)  Buffalo Bills 4-1– Created 5 turnovers against a struggling Eagles team, still only won by 7.

9. (17) Pittsburgh Steelers 3-2Big Ben and company came up big after whispers of their team’s struggles.

 10. (19) Oakland Raiders 3-2– Emotional win over the Texans with the passing of Al Davis. With their running game, they’ll compete for a wildcard.

11. (13) Washington Redskins 3-1– Can knock out a struggling Eagles team for good with a win at home.

12. ( 5) Houston Texans 3-2– Will prove how worthy of a playoff team they will be when they take on Baltimore next week on the road.

13. (9) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-2– Need a win against New Orleans next week to stay relevant in the division.

14. (11) New York Giants 3-2– Troubling loss at home vs. a bad Seattle team.

15. (21) Cincinnati Bengals 3-2– Another winnable game vs. Indy next week, could the Bengals make a playoff push?

16. (7) Tennessee Titans 3-2– Did you hear that boom? That’s the Titans falling back to Earth.

17. (14) Atlanta Falcons 2-3– Would be the most disappointing team in the NFL if it weren’t for the Eagles.

18. (15) Chicago Bears 2-3– I’d be stunned if Jay Cutler lasts the year.

19. (16) New York Jets 2-3– Very interested in how Rex Ryan and his talking bunch react to three losses in a row.

20. (18) Dallas Cowboys 2-2–  At least Romo didn’t blow a 4th quarter lead.

21. (20) Cleveland Browns 2-2– Tough test next week in Oakland.  Need a win to keep up with super competitive AFC North.

22. (24) Carolina Panthers 1-4They have been competitive in every game. Future looks bright for Cam and the Panthers.

23. (28) Seattle Seahawks 2-3Stunned the NFL world with a big upset in New York over the Giants.

24. (22) Philadelphia Eagles 1-4-Despite how awful they have been this season, with a win over the Redskins and a Bills win over the Giants, the Eagles would be a game and half back in the division.

25. (27) Kansas City Chiefs 2-3– Beat a bad Colts team and that’s about all I got for them.

26. (23) Arizona Cardinals 1-4– Hasn’t been the great start that Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald envisioned.

27. (25)Denver Broncos 1-4 -Finally starting Tebow, still baffles me why they didn’t trade Orton.

28. (26) Jacksonville Jaguars 1-4– Jack Del Rio will be fired.

29. (29) St. Louis Rams 0-4– I can’t imagine what this week’s score against Green Bay will be.

30. (32) Minnesota Vikings 1-4– For one week, Vikings got a peek of what this season was supposed to be like.

31. (31) Miami Dolphins 0-4 Tony Sparano will be joining Jack Del Rio in the unemployment soon.

32. (30) Indianapolis Colts 0-5– Colts fans are hoping Curtis Painter doesn’t play them out of Andrew Luck.


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