NFL Power Rankings, Week 7 Edition



1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 6-0– Aaron Rodgers is the best players in football. The Pack is the best team in football.

2. (3) Baltimore Ravens 4-1– Really took care of business against Houston.  Look like the most complete team in the AFC.

3. (2) Detroit Lions 5-1– Tough loss against the Niners but the they’ve been among the best in football this season.

4. (4) New England Patriots 5-1– Defense looked good against Dallas.  If they continue to improve the Pats could be scary in January.

5. (7)  San Francisco 49ers 5-1Jim Harbaugh has the Niners back on top of the NFL. Can Alex Smith win in the playoffs.

6. (6) San Diego Chargers 4-1- The Chargers have been playing well under the radar.

7. (5) New Orleans Saints 4-2– Rough loss against the Bucs but Brees and the boys will find a way to bounce back.

8. (8)  Buffalo Bills 4-2– Fred Jackson is having a MVP type of season for the Bills.

9. (13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-2– They bounced back with a big win against the Saints after the 49ers debacle.

10. (10) Oakland Raiders 4-2– Goodbye Jason Campbell and next years draft.  Hello Carson Palmer!

11. (9) Pittsburgh Steelers 4-2Was a bit of a struggle late against the Jags but they continue to get the job done.

12. (14) New York Giants 4-2– Big win against the Bills prior to a brutal stretch ahead.

13. (11) Washington Redskins 3-2– Team battle tough late against the Eagles despite of horrible effort by Rex Grossman.

14. ( 12) Houston Texans 3-3– Major struggles in Baltimore coupled with the loss of Mario Williams for the season forces a drop in the rankings.

15. (16) Tennessee Titans 3-2– The Titans are in the first place going into week 7.

16. (15) Cincinnati Bengals 4-2– They’ve already exceeded expectations set for them in the preseason.

17. (18) Chicago Bears 3-3– Matt Forte makes the team go.

18. (19) New York Jets 3-3– Jets took care of business against Miami.  Need to step up efforts against better teams.

19. (17) Atlanta Falcons 3-3– Falcons found a way to beat the Panthers, how will things go this week in Detroit?

20. (20) Dallas Cowboys 2-3–  If Dallas can put up consistent efforts like they did in New England they will be alright going forward.

21. (24) Philadelphia Eagles 2-4-Big win in DC, wasn’t easy.  Concern still high in Philadelphia.

22. (21) Cleveland Browns 2-3– Still have a way to go before they are a playoff caliber team.

23. (25) Kansas City Chiefs 2-3– Despite season ending injuries to Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry they continue to play tough.

24. (22) Carolina Panthers 1-5Perhaps the most exciting 1-5 team ever.  Cam Newton hasn’t disappointed yet.

25. (23) Seattle Seahawks 2-3Travel to Cleveland following a bye.

26. (26) Arizona Cardinals 1-4– Super Bowl rematch against the Steelers this week.

27. (27)Denver Broncos 1-4– Tim Tebow gets the nod this week in Miami.  Should bring interest at the very least.

28. (28) Jacksonville Jaguars 1-5– Rebuilding time in Jacksonville.

29. (30) Minnesota Vikings 1-5– Christian Ponder played well in his NFL debut.  He gets the start this week in favor of Donovan McNabb.

30. (31) Miami Dolphins 0-5 Miserable display in New York last week in prime time.

31. (32) Indianapolis Colts 0-6– Lost season from the beginning.

32. (29) St. Louis Rams 0-5– They have been dreadful in games 1-5.  Does anyone in St. Louis even realize?

NFL Power Rankings


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