Written in the Stars……

So the Phillies are out of it.  There’s only two teams left, the Cardinals and Rangers, battling for the World Series.  The World Series is on Fox so unfortunately baseball fans watching it are stuck with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Buck sounds like he’s has a frog in his throat and in case you couldn’t tell by his great enthusiasm, he thinks baseball is boring.  Where do I start with McCarver?  There are times where you think he’s speaking a different language.  However, fear not baseball fans, there is good news with the World Series being on Fox.  No more Written in the Stars!!!!!!!!!!!! That song which was bludgeoned into our heads by TBS over and over and over again is gone forever….or maybe until next October.  After hearing that song 1,282,892 times, I have grown to absolutely hate that song. 

Dear TBS,

Next year Please stop with the constant shoving down our throats of songs, tv shows that stink and blimps. We get it already.


Baseball Fans of America

Just to annoy you one more time…Here you go fans!


2 thoughts on “Written in the Stars……

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