SWB NFL Power Rankings, Week 9 Edition


1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 7-0– Through 7 game the Pack looks unstoppable and decisively like the team to beat.

2. (3)  San Francisco 49ers 6-1–  Jim Harbaugh has the team rolling.  Easy schedule could lead to a first round bye.

3. (5) Baltimore Ravens 5-2– Big time comeback against Arizona in the 2nd half. Big battle against Pittsburgh in the game of the week.

4. (7) Pittsburgh Steelers 6-2Ben Roethlisberger has more weapons than he ever has had in the past. Big win against the Pats.

5. (2) New England Patriots 5-2Offense has struggled in back to back games.  Look for them to unload on the Giants.

6. (6) Detroit Lions 6-2– Despite a few tough losses the Lions continue to look like a team that will play in January.

7. (10)  Buffalo Bills 5-2– Bills continue to roll along without a ton of attention.

8. (4) New Orleans Saints 5-3– What happened in St. Louis?

9. (11) Houston Texans 5-3- The Texans look forward to a strong 2nd half to reach the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

10. (8)- New York Giants 5-2- Lead the NFC East by 2. We will learn whether they are a playoff team in the coming weeks.

11. (18) Tennessee Titans 4-3Chris Johnson has given them nothing, Kenny Britt was lost for the season a few weeks in.  They are a serious contender in the South. Amazing.

 12. (14) Cincinnati Bengals 5-2–  They have already exceeded preseason expectations.

13. (15) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-3– Josh Freeman with a few rough games.  He will need to play better to help the Bucs reach the postseason.

14. (12) Chicago Bears 4-3– Fresh of a bye week they head to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles.

15. (13) Atlanta Falcons 4-3– Look to get things rolling when they face the Colts this week.

16. (17) New York Jets 4-3Despite struggles they remain only 1 game behind the Bills & Patriots.

17. (9) San Diego Chargers 4-3- Starting to look like the typical under-achieving Chargers of the last 5 years.

18. (22) Philadelphia Eagles 3-4– Monster win against the Cowboys.  Is this the turning point of 2011?

19. (16) Oakland Raiders 4-3– The Raiders are making an effort to win in 2011 and they have a shot in a 3-way tie.

20. (20) Dallas Cowboys 3-4–  Look good in New England despite a loss. Look horrible in Philadelphia.  Who knows whats next.

21. (19) Kansas City Chiefs 4-3– Despite major injuries, the Chiefs continue to play solid football.

22. (21) Washington Redskins 3-4– Rex Grossman & John Beck are not going to cut it.

23. (23) Cleveland Browns 3-4–  Not the year to be named Peyton….

24. (24) Carolina Panthers 2-6- Panthers continue to play close and exciting football.

25. (29) Minnesota Vikings 2-6– Christian Ponder has done more in the last few game then McNabb did in the first 5+.

26. (26) Jacksonville Jaguars 2-6The Jags are rebuilding.

27. (31) St. Louis Rams 1-6– Perhaps the world champion baseball team inspired the beating of the Saints?

28. (25)Denver Broncos 2-5– Tim Tebow hasn’t played well but do the Broncos really have another choice?

29. (27) Seattle Seahawks 2-5Hard to believe this team won a playoff game last year.

30. (28) Arizona Cardinals 1-6– Cardinals have a lot of holes to fill.

31. (30) Miami Dolphins 0-7- They have been brutal for most of 2011 though they did hang with Giants last week.

32. (32) Indianapolis Colts 0-8– There is an outside chance that they don’t win a single game in 2011.


NFL Power Rankings


One thought on “SWB NFL Power Rankings, Week 9 Edition

  1. Eagles. Period. Lol

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