SWB NFL Power Rankings, Week 10

1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 8-0– Defense gave up a lot of points against the Chargers.

2. (2)  San Francisco 49ers 7-1– Defense continues to shine for the Niners.

3. (3) Baltimore Ravens 6-2– Very impressive drive by Joe Flacco against the Steelers.  Hell of a throw to win the game.

4. (6) Detroit Lions 6-2– Huge game vs. the Bears this week, wildcard implications. Looks like possibly three teams from the NFC North could get in.

5. (4) Pittsburgh Steelers 6-3Not going to knock the Steelers too far. Tough division game that came down to the wire.

6. (8) New Orleans Saints 6-3– Nice revenge game against the Bucs in which they ran at will.

7. (10)- New York Giants 6-2- Eli’s having the best year of his career.

8. (9) Houston Texans 6-3- Ben Tate could probably start on a lot of teams.

9. (5) New England Patriots 5-3That defense would scary me if I were a Patriots fan.

 10. (12) Cincinnati Bengals 6-2–  Still haven’t played the Ravens or Steelers yet so I’m not on board just yet.

11. (16) New York Jets 5-3Impressive defensive showing against Fred Jackson

12. (15) Atlanta Falcons 5-3– Did their job against a bad Colts team. Thank you Julio Jones for helping out the fantasy team.

13. (7)  Buffalo Bills 5-3– Ryan Fitzpatrick might have gotten a big contract, but the offense runs through Fred Jackson.

14. (14) Chicago Bears 5-3– Made a high-powered Eagles’ offense look average.

15. (17) San Diego Chargers 4-4- Oh hello Vincent Jackson, welcome to 2011 NFL Season. Rivers continues to be a turnover machine.

16. (13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-4– A stout defense gave up 195 rushing yards to a Saints team with no Mark Ingram.

17. (20) Dallas Cowboys 4-4–  Didn’t look impressive against Seattle, but with a soft schedule they can make a run at New York.

18. (11) Tennessee Titans 4-4Can’t get excited about this team until Chris Johnson wakes up.  Being in a weak division will keep them relevant though.

19. (19) Oakland Raiders 4-4– No McFadden in very important AFC West battle vs. San Diego.

20. (18) Philadelphia Eagles 3-5– Pop in a tape of the Falcons, 49ers, Giants, or Bills game and you get an exact copy of the Bears game.

21. (21) Kansas City Chiefs 4-4– I’m not stunned that they had a let down game, but to get blown out at home by Miami is shocking.

22. (23) Cleveland Browns 3-5–  Peyton Hillis has been worthless this season.

23. (28)Denver Broncos 3-5– All of the sudden the Broncos are only a game back in the AFC West.

24. (24) Carolina Panthers 2-6- Winnable game vs. the Titans next week. Will Cam and Steve continue to impress?

25. (22) Washington Redskins 3-5– Simply aren’t good enough offensively.

26. (30) Arizona Cardinals 2-6– Get a boost because Patrick Peterson is a monster.

27. (25) Minnesota Vikings 2-6– Last time they played Green Bay, they kept it close.

28. (31) Miami Dolphins 1-7- Finally broke through on the win column in impressive fashion.

29. (26) Jacksonville Jaguars 2-6SEC games have better attendance records.

30. (27) St. Louis Rams 1-7– Tough Overtime loss to Patrick Peterson, not much you can really do about a talent like that.

31. (29) Seattle Seahawks 2-6Need a quarterback in the worse way.

32. (32) Indianapolis Colts 0-9– They stink.


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