Thoughts on NFL Week 9

Jets 27, Bills 11

-All of the sudden if the Jets defeat the Patriots this week, they are in first place.

-Jets were impressive in minimizing the damage of Fred Jackson.

Cowboys 23, Seahawks 13

-DeMarco Murray continues to impress. I dropped him on the fantasy team.

-Seahawks need a quarterback desperately.

Falcons 31, Colts 7

-Falcons did their job against the worst team in the league.

-Julio Jones- Wow.

Dolphins 31, Chiefs 3

-Matt Moore was actually……good. 17-23, 244 yards and three touchdowns.

-The AFC West stinks.

Saints 27,  Bucs 16

-195 yards rushing for the Saints with no Mark Ingram, not good for the Bucs.

-I have no idea who’s going to win this division. My guess is the Saints, but the Falcons are starting to play better football.

49ers 19, Redskins 11

-With an awful NFC West, it’s a very realistic possibility that the 49ers will get the 2nd seed in the NFC and if the Packers slip up, the Niners are right there.

-Roy Helu with an impressive game in the loss, 14 catches is no joke.

Texans 30, Browns 12

-Ben Tate could start on a lot of teams.

-Colt McCoy hasn’t gotten a lot of support from his teammates. Injuries all over the place.

Bengals 24, Titans 17

-If the playoffs started today, the Bengals would be the #1 seed.

-Even with that, I can’t get excited about the Bengals yet considering they haven’t played the Steelers or Ravens.

Broncos 38, Raiders 24

-Willis McGahee is on pace for 1,260 yards rushing. Who would have thought that?

-I have never been a fan of the overrated Carson Palmer.

Giants 24, Patriots 20

– This is the best I’ve seen Eli ever play.

– Tom Brady’s numbers indicate he played well, but he looked befuddled against that front four.

Cardinals 19, Rams 13 OT

-I can see why the Cardinals were willing to move DRC.  Peterson is a stud.

– No Kevin Kolb for the Cardinals against the Eagles. Would have been interesting to say the least.

Packers 45, Chargers 38

-I’d be a little worried about that defense if I were  a Packers fan. Extremely feast or famine.

-Still don’t know what to make of Rivers’ turnover issues.

Ravens 23, Steelers 20

-Hell of a throw by Flacco on the game winning touchdown

-Torrey Smith has been quite the help for the Ravens.

Bears 30, Eagles 24

-Put in a tape of the Eagles’ first four losses and you have the Bears loss. Sloppy, lack of execution, turnovers, ugh.



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