NFL Thoughts on Week 10

Raiders 24, Chargers 17

-Michael Bush is a beast. Darren McFadden and him are the best 1/2 RB combo in the league.

-Must give credit to Carson Palmer. He played very well in his second start.

Saints 26, Falcons 23 OT

– Punt the ball Mike Smith. Punt the damn ball.

-The Saints had 59 plays and ran it 16 times, not a good balance for a playoff team, but it worked. Won’t work in Lambeau in late January.

Steelers 24, Bengals 17

-Looks like the Bengals will stick around, but still have a tough road ahead with three games vs. Baltimore and Pittsburgh left.

-Big Ben continues to shine, having one of the better years of his career.

Rams 13, Browns 12

-How happy is Sam Bradford now that he has Brandon Lloyd?

-Stephen Jackson is going to put up a quiet 1,300 yard season for a bad Rams team. Story of his career.

Cowboys 44, Bills 7

-Tony Romo had as many touchdowns as he did incompletions….Three

-That big bang is the Bills falling back to Earth.

Jaguars 17, Colts 3

-Colts are going to go winless. Only winnable games after this are Tennessee and Jacksonville.

-The fact that Maurice Jones-Drew is going to put up close to a 1,400 yard season with Blaine Gabbert as his quarterback is a miracle.

Broncos 14, Chiefs 10

– The Denver Broncos are one game back in the AFC West.  Let that sink in…

-I don’t care if Tim Tebow fails or succeeds. However, you can’t possibly justify that he played well in this game even though they won. He completed two more passes than you did Sunday.  Let that sink in….

Dolphins 20, Redskins 9

-Dolphins have played pretty well in the last three weeks and will provide headaches to any contender the rest of the year.

-Just not enough offense for the Redskins at all. At least they get Rex Grossman back!

Cardinals 21, Eagles 17

-How does LeSean McCoy only touch the ball two times in the fourth quarter?

-How is Nnamdi Asmougha not on Larry Fitzgerald every single play?

Texans 37, Bucs 9

-Schaub’s injury is a monster blow for the Texans and their playoff run.

-Josh Freeman has regressed a ton this year. Still turning the ball over at a ridiculous rate.

Titans 30, Panthers 3

-An impressive win by the Titans despite Panthers’ record.  One of the few teams that have been able to shut down Cam Newton this year.

-Oh hey  Chris Johnson, welcome to the NFL this year.

Seahawks 22, Ravens 17

– How does Ray Rice only get 5 carries?

– Not a surprise that the Ravens lost. Big let down game after the Pittsburgh win and Seattle is a tough place to play.

Bears 37, Lions 13

-If I told you Jay Cutler won nine passes, you say…the Bears lose big. Nope, thanks to six Lions turnovers.

-Are the Bears suddenly the third best team in the NFC? Forte and that defense are clicking on all cylinders.  Check out the power rankings to find out.

49ers 27, Giants 20

-One or two slip ups by the Packers and the Niners could sneak into the #1 seed.

-Is the Eagles game a must win for the Giants with the Saints and Packers coming up after and the Cowboys soft schedule? I say yes.

Patriots 37, Jets 16

-Mark Sanchez continues to prove me right.

-Patriots on top of the AFC East even after losing three out of four.  It’s probably where they end up as well.

Packers 45, Vikings 7

-Aaron Rodgers has 28 touchdowns and 3 picks.  The NFL MVP has already been sent to his house.

-Inexcusable how AP only has 14 carries.


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