Thoughts on the NFL Week 12


Packers 27, Lions 15

-Packers keep on rolling; it’s getting to the point where I would be more stunned if they didn’t go 16-0.

-All of the sudden, the Lions are falling back to Earth.  They need to right the ship or else they’ll be watching the playoffs and the good vibes from earlier in the season will be lost.

Dallas20, Dolphins 19

-It wasn’t pretty, but their win and a Giants loss, the Cowboys are in great position to run away with the NFC East.

-Give credit where credit is due, the Dolphins are playing hard for a coach that will likely get fired.

Ravens 16, 49ers 6

-Hard for the 49ers to move the ball when their quarterback is on the ground more than he is upright.

-I still can’t get on the Flacco bandwagon.

Falcons 24, Vikings 14

-With the Bears losing their quarterback and the Lions falling apart, the Falcons are in good shape to get a wildcard.

-At least Jared Allen took snaps at long snapper. That’s about all that Vikings have going for them with no AP.

Bengals 23, Browns 20

-Peyton Hillis finally made his return and still stunk.  His play wasn’t all that special before he got hurt.

-My colleague Bill Fucich thinksDaltonshould win Offensive Rookie of the Year overNewton. IfDaltonkeeps looking this good, it might become a reality.

Titans 23, Bucs 17

-The Titans might not be all that good, but they keep hanging around….

-Might it be time for Raheem Morris to be on the chopping block? A very disappointing season for the Bucs continues.

Panthers 27, Colts 19

-One of the last chances for the Colts to get a victory.

-Cam was just average, but it got the job done.

Cardinals 23, Rams 20

-Patrick Peterson might be the second best player on his team.

-Might be the end of the line for Spags in St. Louis.

Jets 28, Bills 24

-I thought Stevie Johnson’s touchdown dance was hilarious.

-Jets have a favorable schedule, but with them losing the tiebreaker toDenverand the Bengals one up on them, its possible 10-6 won’t be good enough.

Texans 20, Jags 13

-Tough break for Leinhart, who broke his collarbone early in the game.

-Coach gets fired, team gets sold, does anyone inJacksonvillecare?

Raiders 25, Bears 20

-Still think the Bears are good enough to get a playoff spot with Forte and the defense leading the way.

-I think the Raiders are far from a great team, but 7-4 speaks for itself even in a weak division.

Redskins 23, Seahawks 17

– Helu had 108 yards rushing, makes you wonder why Shananan hasn’t used him more recently.

-Lynch had 111 yards rushing which was only 33 yards less than what his quarterback threw. Seattle needs a quarterback in the worst way.

Patriots 38, Eagles 20

-I know Jeff Lurie likes money and the season continues on this pace, he won’t like seeing half empty stadiums in the third quarter.

-LeSean McCoy had only 10 carries and still leads the league in rushing. Take a hint, Andy.

Tebow 16, Chargers 13 OT


– He still stinks folks. The defense and Willis McGahee are why the Broncos are on fire, not him.

-Norv’s gone.

Steelers 13, Tyler Palko stinks 9.

-Chiefs should start Orton this week.

-Seems the Steelers have made winning ugly their motto this year.

Saints 49, Giants’ seasonal collapse 24

-Saints are really good. That defense doesn’t strike fear in me though.

-If the Giants don’t turn it around, Coughlin is gone.


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