NCAA Football Top Ten Week 13 Recap

10. Oregon 49, Oregon State 21

Darron Thomas threw for 305 yards and 4 tds in the Civil War.

9. Oklahoma 26, Iowa State 6

Blake Bell's two scores were crucial in a close game against the Cyclones.

8. Houston 48, Tulsa 16

Case Keenum threw for 457 yards and 5 tds in a rout of Tulsa.

7. Boise State 36, Wyoming 14

Kellen Moore is all smiles after throwing for 279 yards and 3 tds against the Cowboys.

6. Stanford 28, Notre Dame 14

Andrew Luck was victorious in his last home game against the Irish.

5. Virginia Tech 38, Virginia 0

David Wilson ran for 153 yards and 2 tds in a shutout of the Cavaliers.

4. Oklahoma State

2. Alabama 42, Auburn 14

A.J. McCarron's three touchdown passes lead the Crimson Tide to a win in the Iron Bowl.

1. LSU 41, 3. Arkansas 17

Jordan Jefferson threw and ran for a touchdown in a win over the Hogs.


NFL Picks Turkey Edition – Week #12

It’s time for the “Sports with Balls” weekly NFL picks for year number three! Our picks made available exclusively via the blog on a weekly basis.

Every week we’ll be picking one 1 p.m. and one 4 p.m. Sunday game, as well as any prime time or holiday games on the schedule.


Standings:  Current record (previous week)

Mike Orzechowski 32-15-1 (3-2-0)

Warren Croxton 25-22-1 (2-3-0)

Bill Fucich 24-22-2 (3-2-0)

Scott Boutcher 20-28-0 (3-2-0)

Matt Sherman 19-26-3 (3-2-0)

Week 12 is here and ready to go.

Matt Sherman
Green Bay -6 @ Detroit
Miami +7 @  Dallas
Baltimore -3.5 vs. San Francisco
Tennessee -3.5 vs. Tampa Bay
Seattle -3.5 vs. Washington
Kansas City +10.5 vs. Pittsburgh
NY Giants +7  @ New Orleans

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Mike Orzechowski
Detroit +6 vs. Green Bay
Miami +7 @  Dallas
Baltimore -3.5 vs. San Francisco
Houston-3.5 @ Jacksonville
New England -3 @Philadelphia
Pittsburgh -10.5 @ Kansas City
New Orleans -7  vs. NY Giants

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Scott Boutcher
Detroit +6 vs. Green Bay
Dallas -7 vs. Miami
San Francisco +3.5 @ Baltimore
Cincinnati-7.5 vs. Cleveland
Chicago +3.5 @ Oakland
Pittsburgh -10.5 @ Kansas City
NY Giants +7  @ New Orleans

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Bill Fucich
Detroit +6 vs. Green Bay
Dallas -7 vs. Miami
San Francisco +3.5 @ Baltimore
Minnesota +9 @ Atlanta
Seattle -3.5 vs. Washington
Pittsburgh -10.5 @ Kansas City
NY Giants +7  @ New Orleans

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Warren Croxton
Green Bay -6 @ Detroit
Miami +7 @  Dallas
San Francisco +3.5 @ Baltimore
Carolina -3.5 @ Indianapolis
Denver +6.5 @ San Diego
Pittsburgh -10.5 @ Kansas City
New Orleans -7  vs. NY Giants

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NFL Power Rankings Week 12


1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 10-0– Tough game against the Bucs, but ultimately too much Jordy Nelson

2. (2)  San Francisco 49ers 9-1–  Defense was flat-out dominant against a bad Cardinals team.

3. (3) Pittsburgh Steelers 7-3- Very winnable Sunday Night game vs. a struggling Chiefs team

4. (4) New Orleans Saints 7-3- Seeding could be on the line for a Monday Night Tilt vs. the Giants.

5. (6) New England Patriots 7-3– Seemed to get bored with the Chiefs and then turned it on when they wanted.

6. (7) Baltimore Ravens 7-3Could be an awkward Harbaugh family dinner on Thanksgiving…

7. (8) Houston Texans 7-3- The Matt Leinart playoff push begins.

8. (9) Chicago Bears 7-3I honestly don’t feel that there will be huge drop off with Cutler out.

9. (10) Detroit Lions 7-3– Great showdown between future superstars at quarterback.  Stafford 1, Newton 0.

10. (12) Dallas Cowboys 6-4–  That Dolphins game will be tougher than you think.

11. (5)- New York Giants 6-4- If they don’t get that running game figured out, that epic collapse that the Giants are famous for will happen.

12. (15) Oakland Raiders 6-4- While Palmer has been solid, Michael Bush has been the MVP since McFadden has gone down.

13. (13) Atlanta Falcons 6-4-Got a brief scare from rookie quarterback Jake Locker.

 14. (11) Cincinnati Bengals 6-4-  Despite the tough loss to Baltimore, you can’t help but think that Bengals are starting to believe in Andy Dalton and his promising future.

15. (20)Denver Broncos 5-5Tebow does it again, how long will it last?

16. (14) New York Jets 5-5- It’s get really mediocre after the Jets…

17. (18) San Diego Chargers 4-6- Vincent Jackson needs to get paid.

18. (17) Tennessee Titans 5-5-Tough loss against the Falcons, will likely continue to hang around.

19. (16)  Buffalo Bills 5-5– Fred Jackson’s injury might be the beginning of the end.

20. (19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-6– It seems that Tampa Bay always tends to get too pass happy. Blount only got 18 carries against Green Bay. Give that man the rock!

21. (23) Philadelphia Eagles 4-6Vince Young was 15-18 for 169 yards with a touchdown and a pick in the second half. Pretty efficient.

22. (26) Seattle Seahawks 4-6- I wonder how many people tuned in to Seattle and St. Louis last week.

23. (30) Miami Dolphins 3-7 – Got to love how the Dolphins play hard even when their season is over.

24 (24) Carolina Panthers 2-8- If Newton can cut down on the turnovers and I expect he will, the sky is the limit.

25. (22) Cleveland Browns 4-6Chris Ogbonnaya has filled in nicely as the third string running back. 

26. (21) Kansas City Chiefs 4-6Hard to get excited for the rest of the season with Tyler Palko under center.

27. (25) Washington Redskins 3-7- Jabar Gaffney is smart to get off of Twitter.

28. (22) Arizona Cardinals 3-7– Might as well have been an actual skeleton playing quarterback for them against the Niners.

29. (28) Jacksonville Jaguars 3-7Blaine Gabbert still stinks

30. (29) St. Louis Rams 2-8- Lost year for Bradford and company

31. (31) Minnesota Vikings 2-8– If AP is out for extended period of time, the only reason left to watch is Jared Allen.

32. (32) Indianapolis Colts 0-10– Two games up on the Suck for Luck sweepstakes.

The actual starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals vs. the 49ers last Sunday. He had a "live" arm.


RIP Greg Halman

Mariners outfielder Greg Halman was found early Monday morning with a deep stab wound. After arriving, paramedics were unable to save his life. Halman played 35 games for the Mariners last season hitting .230 before being sent down to triple a. He played seven seasons in the Mariner system and was also a member of the 2009 Netherlands team in the World Baseball Classic. He was 24 years old.

Played for Netherlands in the 2009 World Baseball Classic

Halman played in 35 games for the Mariners in 2011.

Toronto Blue Jays unveil new uniforms

The Toronto Blue Jays have unveiled new uniforms for the 2012 season.  Its a modern take on the retro Blue Jays look.

Jose Bautista

The Blue Jays new look is exactly what you want in a new uniform.  An improvement on the most recent look while keeping true to what you expect to see in a franchise.  Perhaps the Miami Marlins would like to take note.