Pedro Martinez to Retire

    According to Tim Britton of the Providence Journal Pedro Martinez will formally announce his retirement in the near future. The 40-year-old, first ballot Hall of Famer, hasn’t pitched since 2009 when he was a Philadelphia Phillie. His last game pitched was Game Six of the 2009 World Series where he took the loss as the Yankees clinched their 27th World Championship. Pedro will always be remembered as the charismatic pitcher for the Red Sox who arguably had two of the greatest pitching seasons in the modern era. In 1999, Pedro went 23-4 with 2.07 ERA, with 313 strikeouts, a WHIP of .92, and averaged 13.2 strikeouts per nine innings pitched. He followed that in 2000 with a 18-6 record, 1.74 ERA, 284 strikeouts, a WHIP of .74, and averaged 11.8 strikeouts per nine.

    Pedro won one World Series with the Red Sox in 2004. He won three Cy Youngs in his career and finished with a 219-76 record. Pedro will finish 13th all time in strikeouts with 3,154, 7th in winning percentage at .687, and third in strikeouts per nine at 10.04. He will be remembered as the “Who’s your daddy” guy by Yankees fans, the guy who threw down Don Zimmer to Red Sox fans, the guy who was always hurt to Mets fans, and the Old Met who we now love to Phillies fans.


Pedro actually had a brother named Ramon, who was a very good pitcher before injuries derailed his career.


I hated Pedro as a Expo. He always shut down the Phillies. Granted, the Phillies weren't very good during that time.




Pedro and Johan won a lot of......nothing in New York.


I hated him as an Expo and Met. I know he was at the end of his career when he was a Phillie, but I enjoyed his brief stay. Remember that 130 pitch gem on Sunday Night Baseball against the Mets? That was awesome.


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