SWB NFL Quarterback Rankings

With the end of November, I decided to do a monthly review of the starting NFL quarterbacks.  Who’s the best? Who’s in the top 10? Who’s the worst starting QB in the NFL? This is a list not based on their careers, but based on how they are playing right now.

*must have attempted 210 passes.

1. Aaron Rodgers- Likely to shatter Brady’s record-breaking season in 2007.

2. Drew Brees- First QB to 4,000 yards, gets slight nod over Brady.

3. Tom Brady- 2nd in QB Rating, one of only three QBs with 30 touchdown passes.

4. Eli Manning- Eli hasn’t been the reason the team has suffered.  4th in passing yards, 5th in touchdowns, 6th in QB rating.

5. Tony Romo- gets the slight nod over Big Ben. Romo continues to excel in the month of November.

6. Big Ben- Is in the top ten in all categories, team continues to win ugly.

7. Matt Schaub- was having a great year before he got hurt, still ranks 5th in QB Rating and third in yards per attempt.

8. Matthew Stafford-  2nd in the league in passing attempts because the running game continues to fail the team. 27-14 TD to INT ratio is still solid despite the team falling part.

9. Ryan Fitzpatrick- numbers continue to remain at a solid clip, but his team has taken a nose dive.

10. Cam Newton- I’m taking a leap on this one. His 7.98 yards per attempt and his 3,200 yards passing are in the top ten. While his touchdowns to INT ratio is 13-14 which isn’t good, his rushing ability puts him over the top of Cutler, Smith, Ryan, and Rivers.  He leads the entire league in rushing touchdowns and has over 500 yards rushing.

11. Matt Ryan- I feel Ryan has regressed from last season despite adding Julio Jones this year.

12. Andy Dalton- Numbers are only slightly worse than Ryan, but as a rookie who has his team in the playoffs, he’s done a very impressive job.

13. Jay Cutler- Cutler had managed to cut down on his turnovers prior to getting hurt.

14. Phillip Rivers- For one night against  Jacksonville, it went right for Rivers.  He still turns the ball over too much.

15. Mark Sanchez- Still struggles with decision-making, but he has his team in the playoffs race. The schedule doesn’t get easier after KC.  Eagles, Giants and Dolphins to end the year.

16. Alex Smith- If his team doesn’t believe in him, how can I? In two more games, Smith has thrown for less yards in 30 more attempts. Pretty obvious the offense is still run through Frank Gore.

17. Mike Vick- Simply put, he’s been below average before his injury.  Turning the ball way too much.

18. Matt Hasselbeck- Quietly putting together a nice bounce back year. Might be playing himself into a starting job somewhere else if the Titans go with Jake Locker.

19. Joe Flacc0- Has simply been unspectacular.  21st in QB rating, 28th in completion percentage, and 24th in yards per attempt.

20. Josh Freeman- Still turns the ball over too much so as he has regressed, so has his team.

21. Kevin Kolb- Has been very average, but that should be expected considering this is first full year as a starter.

22. Matt Moore- Has been playing solid football while the Dolphins have been on a nice run. It’d be interesting to see if they can save Sparano’s job.

23. Colt McCoy- His yards per attempt is 30th in the league because teams just don’t respect the running game. Peyton Hillis just recently came back from injury so expect a jump in numbers.

24.  Matt Cassel- Defintion of a game manager.  Looks like a superstar when watching his backup Tyler Palko.

25. Sam Bradford- Has been a miserable year for the Rams and especially Bradford.  He can not stay healthy which might lead to his head coach getting fired.

26. Tarvaris Jacks0n- Had his best game of his season against the Eagles, but who hasn’t? Seahawks do not trust him to go down the field so they could be in the market for a quarterback in the future.

27. Rex Grossman- Was typical Rex against the Jets after playing well in the previous two games against Seattle and Dallas.

28.  Christian Ponder- He actually played really well against an improving Denver defense.

29.  Curtis Painter- Lost his job to Dan Orslovsky who quarterbacked an 0-16 team. This still didn’t make Painter the worst quarterback in the league.

30. Blaine Gabbert- Not even completing 50 percent of his passes, averaging only 142 yards per game, but hey at least he has more touchdowns than interceptions.


*Tim Tebow, Vince Young, Tyler Palko, John Beck, John Skelton, and Carson Palmer don’t qualify as starting quarterbacks yet.


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