NFL Power Rankings – Week 15


1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 13-0– The quest for the undefeated season continues as Cheese Nation heads into Kansas City.

2. (2) Baltimore Ravens 10-3The Ravens continue to battle for the top seed in the AFC as they head out west.

3. (4) New Orleans Saints 10-3- Drew Brees & the Saints have been playing under the radar at 10-3.

4. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers 10-3- The continue to playing interesting games against bad teams but they win them all.

5. (3)  San Francisco 49ers 10-3–  Rough loss in Arizona drops the Niners a notch as they look to beat out the Saints for the #2 seed.

6. (7) Houston Texans 10-3- Franchise has reached the postseason for the first time in franchise history and are in position for a possible bye.

7. (6) New England Patriots 10-3Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski & Wes Welker all day.  Offense needs to overcome the sporadic play of the defense.

8. (9)Denver Broncos 8-5Tim Tebow & the Broncos are on a magical run towards the playoffs.  Will they be able to outscore the Patriots on Sunday?

9. (13) New York Jets 8-5- They blasted the Chiefs as everything else fell into place Sunday afternoon.  If the season ended today they would be the 2nd wild card team.

10. (17)- New York Giants 7-6- Eli Manning has been magnificent this season.  Clutch play could prove dangerous to the rest of the NFC.

11. (8) Dallas Cowboys 7-6–  DeMarco Murray injury could prove to be as big of a loss as the one suffered Sunday night.

12. (11) Tennessee Titans 7-6-The Titans continue to remain in the playoff race despite inconsistent play from the quarterback & running back.

13. (15) Atlanta Falcons 8-5-Struggles in the rest of the NFC has opened up an opportunity for the Falcons to reach the postseason.

14. (10) Cincinnati Bengals 7-6-  Despite a successful campaign the Bengals a dropped big games lately.  They need to win to get in.

15. (12) Detroit Lions 8-5– Despite the win, the Vikings game has to have Lions fans a bit nervous.

16. (14) Oakland Raiders 7-6- Raiders remain in the race but Carson Palmer hasn’t helped matters in recent weeks.

17. (16) Chicago Bears 7-6Marion Barber may have cost his team a playoff spot with 2 poor plays late in the Broncos debacle.

18. (18) San Diego Chargers 6-7- December is the Chargers month.  Strong finish could make things interesting out west.

19. (22) Arizona Cardinals 6-7– Larry Fitzgerald is pretty darn good. The Cardinals could reach .500 by season end.

20. (23) Seattle Seahawks 6-7- Marshawn Lynch has been dominating in recent weeks as the Seahawks look to finish up strong.

21. (20) Miami Dolphins 4-9 – Tony Sparano gets canned after his first poor outing five weeks. Ownership wanted him out.

22. (25) Philadelphia Eagles 5-8- Eagles finally get a win.  The slim hope of a playoff appearance remains.

23. (19)  Buffalo Bills 5-8 Yikes.  Things really have gone down hill in upstate New York.

24 (21) Carolina Panthers 4-9- Cam Newton has brought excitement back to Panthers football.

25. (26) Cleveland Browns 4-9Played the Steelers tough but ultimately need some serious help on offense.

26. (27) Washington Redskins 4-9- Redskins moved the ball on the Patriots. Not sure if that is much of an accomplishment.

27. (24) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-9– Good start, rough finish in Tampa Bay.

28. (28) Kansas City Chiefs 5-8Todd Haley takes the fall despite an injury riddled season along with a lack of talent.

29. (29) Jacksonville Jaguars 4-9- Maurice Jones-Drew is having a sensational season despite no offensive support.

30. (30) Minnesota Vikings 2-11– Time to begin preparation towards 2012.

31. (31) St. Louis Rams 2-11- The Rams are a very poor football team.  This is something I’m sure you are aware of.

32. (32) Indianapolis Colts 0-13– 13 down and 3 to go on the quest for imperfection.



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