Thoughts on NFL Week 14

Steelers 14, Browns 3

-16-21, 280 yards and two touchdowns is pretty impressive, but with a high ankle sprain? Wow Big Ben.

-Colt McCoy needs some weapons.

Texans 20, Bengals 19

– Not going to lie, I was stunned to see TJ Yates come through in the clutch like that.

-Can’t help but feel happy for Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson, first time those two have ever been to the playoffs.

Lions 34, Vikings 28

-The fact that the Vikings had six turnovers and still had a chance to win is not something that should  sit well with Lions fans.

-Percy Harvin has 69 catches for 779 yards with Donovan McNabb, Christian Ponder, and now Joe Webb throwing him the ball.

Saints 22, Titans 17

-I know it’s the heat of the moment, but Jake Locker can’t take a sack to end the game.

-Drew Brees continue to marvel and is likely going to be one of three QBs to break Dan Marino’s passing yards record.

Eagles 26, Dolphins 10

-Mike Vick continues to struggle this year. He likely has one more season before the Eagles can let him go based on his contract.  It wouldn’t shock me if the Eagles drafted a quarterback in the first round.

-Glad the Eagles’ defense showed some heart on those 3rd, 4th and 1s. Too bad it’s about thirteen games too late.

Jets 37, Chiefs 10

-Congrats on the Jets on getting Todd Haley fired. Jerks.

-The Jets have a chance to possibly get another coach fired in Andy Reid this week.

Patriots 34, Redskins 27

-I really don’t think the Brady and O’Brien argument is a big deal. It isn’t the first time a coach and player have argued on the sidelines and it certaintly won’t be the last.

-As the Redskins continue to lose, one must wonder if Shanahan is on the chopping block. He’s done next to nothing in Washington with no signs of improvement.

Falcons 31, Jaguars 23

-DeAngelo Williams’ season high in carries is 15 and Jonathan Stewart’s career high in carries is 14.  Why does Ron Rivera continue to ignore these guys?

-A nice comeback by Matt Ryan in a season where he’s just been average. Down 23-7 in the second half,  Ryan leaned on Julio Jones and finished with four touchdown passes.

Jaguars 41, Bucs 14

-Maurice Jones-Drew’s four touchdowns gave him the franchise lead in touchdowns.  I’m interested to see whether he stays in Jacksonville much longer after this season.

-Three more turnovers for Josh Freeman. The Bucs gave up 41 unanswered points to fall to 4-9. Raheem Morris might be out of the job.

Ravens 24, Colts 10

-The Colts touchdown with seconds left in the game really screwed over a lot of gamblers.  According to SportsBook, the Ravens were a 16 point favorite.

-The Colts are two games up with three to play in the Suck for Luck sweepstakes.

Broncos 13, Bears 10 OT

-I almost feel bad for Marion Barber.

-This Tebow stuff is certaintly fun to watch. 

Cardinals 21, 49ers 19

-If the Cardinals win out and Lions lose two out of three….The Arizona Cardinals are in the playoffs.

-If the 49ers have to keep relying on David Akers’ leg instead of touchdowns in the redzone, they will not make a deep postseason run.

Packers 46, Raiders 16

-While it stinks  that Greg Jennings got hurt, with the plethora of offensive weapons, I don’t think it will affect the Packers that much.

-In seven games, Carson Palmer has 13 INTS. Proving that  A. Oakland is crazy. B. Palmer isn’t that good.

Chargers 37, Bills 10

-Huge game for the Chargers on Sunday Night against the Ravens. We’ll find out if the Chargers can save Norv Turner’s job and if they can indeed make a playoff push.

-Ryan Mathews continues to shine with 114 yards rushing. It’s his third straight 100 yard rushing game.

Giants 37, Cowboys 34

-By far, Eli’s best season. Another 4th quarter comeback makes him Eli Manning the quarterback, not Peyton’s brother.

-Brandon Jacobs had a great game with over 100 yards rushing.  I hope for his sake that he sticks to football and not dancing because that touchdown dance was awful.

Seahawks 30, Rams 13

-Give the ball to Stephen Jackson. Awful play calling by Spags.

-Marshawn Lynch and his skittles are nothing to mess with.


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