NFL QB Ratings

Here are the final QB ratings of the Regular Season. I did my best to do just solely based on this season.  Some names you won’t see because they didn’t have the necessary pass attempts to qualify.

*must have attempted 300 passes.

1. Aaron Rodgers- 45 touchdowns to 6 interceptions is an incredible ratio to add with a NFL leading 122.7 QB rating.

2. Drew Brees- Broke Dan Marino’s record, threw one more touchdown than Brees and completed 71 percent of his passes while finishing 2nd the league in passing attempts.

3. Tom Brady- One of four quarterbacks to throw over 5,000 yards, finished with 39 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

4. Eli Manning- Clearly Eli’s best year to date. 4th in passing yards, 5th in yards per attempt, 6th in touchdowns, and 7th in QB rating. Eli also set an NFL record with 8 touchdowns with less than four minutes to go in a single season.

5. Tony Romo- Romo had a great year with 31 touchdowns (5th in the league) and ten interceptions while finishing 4th in QB rating. However, his team finished out of playoffs, and Romo has only won one playoff game in his career.

6. Matthew Stafford- Stafford had a great year despite his team’s unbalance offense. He led the league in passing attempts, but finished third in touchdowns, third in passing yards, 5th in QB rating.

7. Big Ben- In the top ten in most categories as the Steelers won 12 games this season.

8. Matt Ryan- Ryan had a very nice touchdown to INT ratio (29-12), while finishing 6th in touchdowns, 8th in passing yards, and 8th in QB rating.

9. Cam Newton- 10th in passing yards, 10th in yards per attempt. He also had over 700 yards rushing and finished second in rushing touchdowns with 14.

10. Phillip Rivers- Rivers rebounded the last few weeks and finished the year very strong with 11 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in the last five games. For the year, Rivers was 6th in passing yards, 8th in touchdowns, 9th in yards per attempt.

11. Alex Smith- Smith is in the top ten in QB rating and he’s only thrown 5 interceptions in 446 pass attempts. However, he only has 17 touchdowns and his team continually struggles to score in the red zone.

After the first 11, it’s get very average

12. Jay Cutler- Cutler had managed to cut down on his turnovers prior to getting hurt.

13. Mike Vick-Finished the year with three straight games with a QB rating over 100, but was still just average this year.

14. Matt Hasselbeck- Likely played his way into a starting job somewhere.

15. Matt Moore- Better completion percentage, higher yards per attempt, and higher QB rating than Flacco, Hasselbeck, and Dalton.

16. Ryan Fitzpatrick- He and his team literally fell off a cliff as soon as Fitzpatrick signed his new deal.

17. Joe Flacco- Has been…average. 18th in QB rating, and 24th in yards in per attempt, and 26th in completion percentage.

18. Andy Dalton- Numbers took a big dip in the latter part of the year, but it seems the Bengals have found their QB of the future

19. Carson Palmer- Turnover machine. However, did average 8.39 yards per attempt (4th) with the help of Darrius Heyward-Bey.

20. Josh Freeman- Finished 2nd in the NFL in interceptions, but still had better numbers across the board than Sanchez. Expect improvement after a loss season.

21. Mark Sanchez– Still struggles with decision-making, but he has his team in the playoffs race. The schedule doesn’t get easier after KC. Eagles, Giants and Dolphins to end the year. That’s what I said about Sanchez in the prior QB ratings. Yeah, he failed.

22. Colt McCoy- Finished the year on the IR because of a concussion, questions about his future remain.

23. Sam Bradford- Just one of those years for Bradford. Look for the Rams to take Justin Blackmon or a OT to help Bradford.

24. Tarvaris Jackson- Averaged a measly 206 yards per game, kind of crazy that the Seahawks would even let him throw 450 times.

25. Rex Grossman- Just another Rex kind of year with 20 interceptions.

26. Blaine Gabbert- In 413 attempts, Gabbert threw for 2,214 yards. In 343 attempts, Maurice Jones-Drew ran for 1,606 yards. Not good.


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