Final 2011 NFL Regular Season Power Rankings

1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 15-1– The Packers head into the playoffs as favorites to win Super Bowl XLVI after an MVP season out of Aaron Rodgers.

2. (2) New Orleans Saints 13-3- The Saints offense has been among the best in the NFL for several seasons but recording breaking Darren Sproles has allowed them to become even more explosive.

3. (3)  San Francisco 49ers 13-3- They don’t turn the ball over and play great defense which is always a recipe for success in the NFL.

4. (4) Baltimore Ravens 12-4Finally they have the opportunity to play at home in the postseason.  They have an excellent shot to reach the Super Bowl in a wide open AFC.

5. (6) New England Patriots 13-3The Patriots had another double-digit win regular season, can Tom Brady & Bill Belichick break their 3-game playoff losing streak?

6. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4- The Steelers boast a big play offense that compliments one of the leagues best defenses.  Injuries could play a role in keeping them out of another Super Bowl appearance.

7. (11)- New York Giants 9-7- Eli Manning’s big season along with the emergence of Victor Cruz helped the Giants win what turned out to be a very mediocre NFC East.

8. (8) Detroit Lions 10-6Matthew Stafford & Calvin Johnson get their first chance to shine in the playoff spotlight.

9. (7) Houston Texans 10-6- The Texans accomplished goal #1 in winning the division for the first time in franchise history.  Now they look to win franchise playoff game #1 behind Arian Foster and a superb defense.

10. (12) Atlanta Falcons 10-6 Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense caught fire in the final month. They look to make up for a disappointing 2010 playoff campaign starting this week in New York.

11. (9) Cincinnati Bengals 9-7- What looked to be one of the leagues worst teams heading into the 2011 season turned out to be a young playoff bound squad.  That’s why the “experts” are idiots.

12. (13)Denver Broncos 8-8Tim Tebow did just enough to win 6 in a row in dramatic fashion earlier this season.  The Broncos behind Tim Tebow did just enough at 8-8 to reach the playoffs.  Can they do enough at home to beat the Steelers?

13. (14) Oakland Raiders 8-8- The Raiders where respectable in 2011.  They may have even reached the postseason if not for the season ending injury to Jason Campbell.

14. (15) Tennessee Titans 9-7- The Titans has an up and down season that resulted in them staying alive in the playoff race through the completion of their 16 game schedule.

15. (16) San Diego Chargers 8-8- Another disappointing regular season leads to Norv Turner & AJ Smith returning which likely leads to a dis pointing 2012 season in San Diego.

16. (10) Dallas Cowboys 8-8–  Talent combined with inconsistent play generally results in mediocre results thus an 8-8 season in big D.

17. (19) Arizona Cardinals 8-8– Despite an awful start to the season the Cardinals found away to finish up a solid 8-8 campaign.

18. (20) Philadelphia Eagles 8-8- Winning the final four saved Andy Reid’s job much to the disappointment of the Philly fan base.

19. (17) New York Jets 8-8- The wheels are falling off for the organization.  Time for damage control.

20. (21) Kansas City Chiefs 7-9Hard to believe this team managed to win 7 games despite serious injuries across the board along with a first place schedule.

21. (18) Seattle Seahawks 7-9- Marshawn Lynch has found stardom in Seattle.  Will the free agent to be remain in Seattle for the 2012 season?

22. (23) Chicago Bears 8-8The Jay Cutler injuries ended the Bears season. The Matt Forte loss sealed their fate.

23. (22) Carolina Panthers 6-10- The Panther accomplished exactly what they needed in 2011. Found a franchise quarterback that brought excitement and great hope for 2012 and beyond.

24. (24) Miami Dolphins 6-10 – The 0-7 start killed the season. But the nice bounce back showed that they may only be a few pieces away from contention.

25. (25)  Buffalo Bills 6-10- The Bills fail to reach the playoffs yet again. They’ll need to spend some money and draft well to get back into the AFC East race.

26. (26) Washington Redskins 5-11- The defense is good but the offense needs play-makers including a quarterback.

27. (28) Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11- New ownership could lead to major overhaul of the franchise.

28. (27) Cleveland Browns 4-12 Browns fans need to be yearning for an offensive weapon of some kind.

29. (29) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12– 4-2 becomes 4-12 and heads roll. Josh Freeman and the Bucs took a giant step back from the successful 2010 campaign.

30. (30) Minnesota Vikings 3-13– Only a couple of years removed from an NFC Championship birth and the Vikings are among the worst teams in the NFL.

31. (31) Indianapolis Colts 2-14– New front office for 2012.  Could this be the end of the Peyton Manning era?

32. (32) St. Louis Rams 2-14- The Rams franchise is going through a tough time.  It’s going to be a few years until they are relevant again.  Perhaps a perfect time to unload Steven Jackson?


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