NFL Thoughts, Playoff Edition

Texans 31, Bengals 10
– So the Texans hired a new defensive coordinator, brought in a corner via free agency, got contributions from their draft picks, made the playoffs, and won a playoff game? Hey at least Phil….oh never mind.

-Interesting discussion I had with someone on Facebook. Andy Dalton or Mike Vick. Based on what I’ve seen from Dalton this year, I’d still go with Vick, but that doesn’t take any thing away from Dalton. I think Dalton will have a fine NFL career.

-The Bengals finish the season with one win vs. winning opponents.

Saints 45, Lions 28

-Lost opportunities for the Lions as they couldn’t cash in when the Saints turned it over.

-Calvin Johnson is unstoppable as is Drew Brees.

-Would like to see the Lions with some kind of running game.

-Marques Colston is going to get paid. He’s a unresticted free agent, interested to see if he gets franchised.

Giants 24, Falcons 2

-All that fire power and Matt Ryan could only muster 199 yards? Matty Ice no more.

-Interesting stat from Sheil Kapadia from’s Moving the Chain blog….The Giants had four 20+ yard runs in the regular season. Yesterday, they had two.

-Eli was fanastic as usual. He’ll need to be even better to beat Rodgers.

Broncos 29, Steelers 23 OT

-Half of my Super Bowl prediction is gone.  *Takes off expert cap*

-Tebow completed 10 passes, but threw for over 3oo yards.  As Tom McCarthy says way too much, How about that?

-Big Ben almost pulled a Tebow in the 4th quarter, but was sacked out of field goal position.

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