NBA Power Rankings

1. Chicago Bulls 13-3- Have allowed just 85 points per game, #1 in the NBA. Have given up 100 points or more twice.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder 12-2- Seven game winning streak with Durant averaging 26 points per game.

3. Orlando Magic 10-3- So the Magic have won five in a row and Dwight wants to still be traded, adding the Clippers to his list.

4. Miami Heat 10-4- LeBron was absolutely dominating against the Spurs last night.

5. San Antonio Spurs 9-5- For all the people that say the Spurs are boring, they are 3rd in the league in points per game at 100.8

6. Los Angeles Lakers 10-5- Kobe recently had a run of 4 straight games of 40+ points, but it was Derek Fisher who took the final game winning shot against Dallas two nights ago.

7. Utah Jazz 9-4- An impressive three game winning streak with wins over the Clippers and Nuggets put the Jazz 2nd in the conference.

8. Philadelphia 76ers 10-3- We’ll see how good this team really is this week with home games vs. Denver, Atlanta and a road game at Miami.

9. Los Angeles Clippers 7-4- Interestingly enough, a team with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are only 27th in rebounding.

10. Indiana Pacers 9-3- Three game winning streak with wins over Atlanta and Boston, but how good is Boston anymore? Pacers are allowing the fourth fewest points per game which will put them in contention for a Top 4 seed.

11. Denver Nuggets 9-5- That’s funny…Carmelo leaves and the Nuggets are second in scoring and first in assists per game. Very interesting…

12. Atlanta Hawks 10-4- Wins over Chicago and Miami, but losing Al Horford is devastating.

13. Dallas Mavericks 8-6- I’m not sure Jason Kidd is going to make it through the season. He looks old and slow.

14. Portland Trailblazers 8-5- Are only 3-4 in their last seven including losses to San Antonio and Orlando.

15. Memphis Grizzles 6-6- Three game winning streak gets them back to .500. Former Sixer Mo Speights had 16 points and 12 boards in a win over Chicago.

16. Houston Rockets 7-7- An absolutely brutal schedule with two games against San Antonio, Oklahoma City and games vs. both LA teams. A four game winning streak gets them back to .500.

17. New York Knicks 6-7- A team 26th in assists per game is desperately waiting for a healthy Baron Davis, but does he have anything left?

18. Golden State Warriors 5-8- The defense is improving, but isn’t great, but two home wins vs. Chicago and Miami are the staple wins of the year.

19. Cleveland Cavs 6-7- Kyrie Irving gives Cavs fans some hope for the future, leading the team in points and assists per game.

21. Minnesota Timberwolves 5-8- Rubio and Love get Minnesota fans something to get excited for. Will the team be good enough before Love’s contract is up?

22. Boston Celtics 4-8- Their starting five is old and their bench stinks. They’ll make the playoffs, but I think their run might be over.

23. Phoenix Suns 4-9- At least Steve Nash still leads the league in assists.

24. Milwaukee Bucks 4-9- They haven’t won a road game yet,

25. Toronto Raptors 4-10- Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon are pretty good. The rest of the team…eh not so much.

26. Sacramento Kings 4-10- This team is a mess. DeMarcus Cousins is a head case and the team just plays selfish basketball. In their 39 point loss to Dallas, the team had 10 assists.

27. New Orleans Hornets 3-10- Hornets are in the top ten in defense, but are only averaging 86 points per game.

28. Charlotte Bobcats 3-12- Moved Kemba to the starting lineup and Gerald Henderson is flourishing because of it.

29. Detroit Pistons 3-11- Poor Tayshun Prince.

30. Washington Wizards 1-12- They suck.


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