Conference Championship Thoughts

Patriots 23, Ravens 20

-Joe Flacco outplayed Tom Brady and the Patriots still won.

– Should have Billy Cundiff made the kick? Absolutely. However, is it the only reason they lost? No. How about Lee Evans catching the ball on 2nd down?

-Ray Lewis is a Hall of Fame player. However, he looked slow trying to cover the Patriots tight ends.

-Entertaining game to watch all around.

Giants 20, 49ers 17 OT

– The Giants became the first team in NFL history to be outscored in the regular season and make the Super Bowl.

– The 49ers converted one first down in the entire game.

– Kyle Williams had returned two punts the entire season. Is it really a shock that he struggled doing something he’s not comfortable doing?

-Alex Smith was very ordinary.

-Eli Manning has 5 postseason road victories, most all time.

– Another fabulous conference championship game. Hopefully the Super Bowl lives up to these games.
Poor Billy Cundiff and Kyle Williams


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