I can’t stand this Super Bowl matchup.

This is going to make me sound like a whiner….And I’m okay with that because I need to get this off my chest. This couldn’t have been a worse Super Bowl matchup for myself being an Eagles fan.  In the AFC, you have the New England Patriots who demolished the Eagles earlier this season (38-20 doesn’t do the Patriots a justice). Let us not forget the Jacksonville debacle in 2005.  You have Bill Belichick, the hoodie and the insufferable arrogance. You have Tom Brady who almost seems to have it all.  You can’t forget the lovely fans of New England who always seem to come out of the woodwork. (Mike O being the exception) 

Then there’s the New York Giants. The first team in the NFL history to be outscored in the regular season.  The team that was dead last in running the ball and the defense that was 29th stopping the pass. A team that lost to the Washington Redskins twice and a team that lost 5 out of 6 from week 10-15.  A team that lost to Vince Young.  However, unlike the team 90 miles south, they won the games they had to and actually got in the playoffs.  Using a great pass rush led by Jason Pierre Paul (drafted after Brandon Graham) and the ELIte play of Eli Manning (see what I did there?) the Giants have been on a wonderful run that has led them to another shot against Brady and the Patriots.  That last sentence makes almost every Eagles fan’s stomach turn. (Mine included).

Unless this game is ends in a tie (Insert a Donovan doesn’t know the OT rules joke here) and obviously the game won’t, no outcome will sit well with Eagles fans. Just when it seemed the Patriots’ lust seemed to have worn off (No playoff wins since 2007), they go on a run. If the Patriots win, Brady and Belichick get their 4th Super Bowl already solidifying their great Hall of Fame careers. If the Giants win, it adds another ring to Eli and Coughlin (who seems to be on the chopping block every year).  And of course, all the Giants fans come out the woodwork as well.

Imagine if the Giants win what that does for the Eagles. I can already see this happening….

Andy with his insufferable arrogance (even though he’s won nothing) comes out a week after the Super Bowl  and uses the Giants as an example as how close the Eagles are.  “We only finished one game back and they got hot just like we did”.  It will come out of his mouth like it was scripted.  The only problem with that logic is the only person to believe that would be Andy Reid.  Sure, the Eagles beat the Giants with Vince Young and had a 4th quarter lead against them at home.  Sure, the Eagles have a great pass rush similar to the Giants.   There’s one difference though…..Eli Manning is their quarterback and Mike Vick is ours.  

Maybe, Vick wakes up one day and decides that he doesn’t need to do everything with the football. Perhaps he’ll decide to slide. Maybe he’ll stop turning the ball over.   Unfortunately until this all happens, Eagles fans will have to patiently wait for their FIRST Super Bowl.

PS: Go Patriots. Simply because I don’t want to hear how close the Eagles are if the Giants win because you know and I know, that’s what Andy would say.

I didn't even bring this guy up once.

2 thoughts on “I can’t stand this Super Bowl matchup.

  1. You actually did bring Donovan up…sort of, maybe you should take that Mike O excluded part out considering the events of today’s show

  2. Warren is a hater….

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