NBA Power Rankings

1. Chicago Bulls 16-3- Keeping plugging along depsite injuries to Deng, Noah, and Gibson. First in assists, points allowed per game and 4th in rebounds

2. Miami Heat 11-5- 6-0 without Dwade. That shows how scary good they are.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder 14-3- Get knocked down a peg due to losing to Washington.

4. Denver Nuggets 12-5- Since the Carmelo trade, the team is 30-12.

5. Indiana Pacers 11-4- Have won 5 out of 6 since losing to Philadelphia including wins over the Celtics and Lakers.

6. Orlando Magic 11-5- Would be ranked higher if not for an embarrassing loss to the Boston Celtics.

7. Dallas Mavericks 11-7- Have won 8 out of 10. Perhaps their demise was overblown.

8. Philadelphia 76ers 12-5- Impressive win over the Hawks, holding them to 29 2nd half points. Disappointing game in Miami tempers expectations.

9. Atlanta Hawks 13-5- Not sure anyone expected a 5-1 record with Horford out of the lineup.

10. Antonio Spurs 11-7- Gave up a shocking 71 points to the Heat in a 120-98 loss.

11. Houston Rockets 10-7- Seven game winning streak includes wins over Portland and San Antonio.

12. Memphis Grizzles 9-6- Six game winning streak obviously because Mo Speights.

13. Utah Jazz 10-5- A 9-2 month with the losses to Dallas and the Lakers.

14. Los Angeles Clippers 9-5- The Clippers are 1-3 on the road and begin a 7 game road trip in February.

15. Portland Trailblazers 9-7- A 2-4 road trip brings them back to Earth.

16. Los Angeles Lakers 10-8- After Kobe, Pau, and Bynum, the Lakers’ 4th leading scorer is Matt Barnes. This team’s depth is gone.

17. Boston Celtics 7-9- Absolutely dominating performance against a very good Magic team.

18. Minnesota Timberwovles 7-10- Kevin Love had 39 points and Ricky Rubio had 12 assists and the Twolves still lost by 15.

19. Phoenix Suns 6-10- Steve Nash has plenty left in the tank. 26 and 11 against the Knicks at MSG.

20.Milwaukee Bucks 6-10- Impressive stretch of games with wins over New York, Miami and a tough loss to Atlanta.

21.New York Knicks 6-10- This team is a mess.

22. Cleveland Cavs 6-9- Big losses to Chicago and Atlanta shows how far Cleveland is.

23. Golden State Warriors 5-10- Monta’s points, assists, and rebounds per game are all up, but his shooting percentage is down from his career average.

24. Sacramento Kings 6-11- Dead last in defense and assists. This team is a bigger mess than the Knicks.

25. Toronto Raptors 4-13- Eight game losing streak has included a brutal stretch against Indiana, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Portland, and the Clippers.

26.. New Jersey Nets 5-13- Whispers of whether Deron Williams will stay or not will likely cause problems for the rest of the year.

27. Detroit Pistons 4-14- It could get uglier with Miami, Atlanta and Philadelphia up next on the schedule.

28. New Orleans Hornets 3-14- Without Chris Paul to start up the offense, the Hornets have fallen to 28th in the league in points per game.

29. Charlotte Bobcats 3-14- Kemba averaging 11 points since being inserted into the starting lineup.

30. Washington Wizards 2-15- They still suck.

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